Monday, January 30, 2012

8th Wonder Of The World...

Did you know in less than 2 weeks is Panama 70.3, holding a VERY COOL opportunity about to happen in my life, I'll get to swim in the Panama Canal! The Panama Canal is the 8th Wonder of the World you know. Rather than give you a history lesson, I'll just let you know I am BEYOND EXCITED to swim in the 8th wonder of the world! How awesome, simply unreal! Of course I'll bring the camera, journal it like a high school girl in love, and tell my family and friends (anyone who will listen for that matter) all about it!
As excited as I am this leaves me with no other choice than to give you the 8 wonders of my life, in no particular order:
1. Traveling. The first time I really understood "travel" was when my mother got on a boat, came back a week or so later, and had coins and things from another country. At that time she worked as a boat delivery girl. Basically, she was part of the crew of beautiful sail boats that had the job to sail them from Florida to places that boat owners would fly to and would want their personal boats there when they landed. Very unique job, right!? Her stories, the treasures she brought home, and all the pictures had me so passionate about travel from a young age. Of course the sisters and I also landed on a sail boat and got to explore some little islands too!! And so, at 15 off to Costa Rica I went and traveling has been a wonder of my life ever since.
2. Motherhood. There truly is no greater experience than that which a parent gets to live out. From pregnancy, the way your boobs grow to a D, (seriously still shocked how that happened), to childbirth, (the whole watermelon out of a cherry thing), to actually being a parent...unreal!

3. The ocean. Simply put, I'm still has in love with the ocean as the very first time my feet left the sand and landed in water. From ocean sports, to fishing for dinner, to discovering an entire underwater life, the ocean still has me in all sorts of awe inspired wonder.

4. Love. Okay, so it's no surprise, I love Masuda. It's pretty unreal to me the way people fall in love, stay in love, and make it work. One of the most fun things I do when I travel and land in homestays is ask the couples how they met, how they make it work, and to tell me their love story. I LOVE love stories. One of my favorites was my homestay in St. Croix, they even sent me home with a wine cork that they use as a little game they have been playing their entire marriage, (something like 40 years). Then there is the family in Nicaragua that taught me ALL about caring for the other person by focusing on the little things, not the big ones. My love list is pretty huge, the lessons learned and stories heard, and of course finding it is beautiful.

5. Triathlon. Maybe because it's a dream being lived out, or the way it has taught me to truly get the most out of myself, triathlon is still a wonder of my life. For the past couple years it has also been a way of supporting Kainoa and I. It's allowed me to see more of the world, meet amazing people, and of course doing three sports all day some days sure is a good way to push the boundaries of ourselves and cause one to wonder about the body after it goes through an Ironman!!
6. My education. College sure was not what I expected, it was SO MUCH BETTER! My parents pretty much made me go, I tried to convince them I could learn more from life experiences than the books, but looking back I am SO THANKFUL they made me endure 5 years of life in a dorm, I mean, all that studying!! Books, adventures, college, all of the learning I get to do and have done have truly taught me to see the world with more than my eyes.

7. Life on an island. From the little things, like road side fruit stands, to the big things, like a slower paced lifestyle where stopping to smell flowers is something we actually do, I have learned to appreciate all the beauty that surrounds me, I've learned to take nothing for granted, and I've found that bikinis are always in style.

8. My family, friends, and son. Looking though my 5 million photos I couldn't find one that had my entire family, Kainoa, and all my friends in it. A giant reunion is in order-pronto. Thankfully I managed to find a picture that sums up what the people in my life do to me, they set me free. It's definitely one of the 8 wonders of my life being surrounded by good people.


This week is a pretty big one at the office, lots to do in preparation for that awesome swim in the Panama Canal next week!! Less than 2 weeks till the first race of the season, WONDERFUL!




Saturday, January 28, 2012

Jump On In...

I'm not sure what your family does on weekends, if you are reading this I'm guessing you swim, bike, run, or maybe none of the above, you just blog creep on a girl who does. The past 6 months of life have been very much "enriched" with boys. It's now me and 4 boys, not just Kainoa and I. That means more farts, more burps, a lot more nose picking, and way less time to pout. It's truly teaching me to keep up, hang on, and hold back the pity party. In small ways and big ways there is no doubt these lessons will carry over into triathlon, don't ask me just yet, I'm only 6 months deep, but I know lessons are daily filling my life...
Today it was all about jumps. With just some blue painters tape the Masuda boys & Kainoa had a full on jump event similar to the Olympics down the hallway. They took it to the point of actually googling the farthest standing jump by a man and discovered, we are no where close. BUT, we did not stop trying. What a brilliant lesson, sometimes being so far away from a goal, a long shot if you will, it is never worth not trying...
Of course I played too. The floor was soon covered in blue tape to mark our landings, several tries later we tried again, and again, and again. Do boys never give up? Do they ever give in? It was a nonstop afternoon of try, try, try again. And despite adding all our jumps and still not breaking the world record, we still played, we still toed the line, we still gave it our best efforts. It was hilarious, if you saw more than the pictures you would buy tickets to the jumping showdowns we had happening.

Perhaps Kainoa has been teaching me the best lesson in all of this. He is by far the youngest, the shortest, and maybe even takes longer to finish then the other boys, in everything. It never stops him from getting in the game, from trying to keep up, trying to go as long and be as strong. Life lately, with 4 boys, sure has had me on start lines I've only dreamed of for my life. It has also been teaching me in all my unwanted moments of change, to shake off my bad landings, to wipe away tears, to rub out the bruises, and most of all to keep showing up to life and jump on in...


Have a good weekend!!


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Panama Bound...

Break out the Maseca, time to make some empanadas because I am going to Panama! Sheesh, these close calls to making it to a race sure have me on the edge of my seat, (not in a fun way). This race was on my wish list since it was posted but living in Hawaii far away, being FLAT broke, and well, being broke mostly, Panama seemed to fall off the race list. It's now on and empanadas were celebrated with the boys at dinner last night!!

Training is so much better when you actually are TRAINING FOR A RACE. It felt different on the bike today, images of Panama were lingering in my mind, thoughts of Spanish phrases filled my head, and GETTING to race had me so happy and fired up. Yes, I already know this race is the Central American Championships and the start list is fully loaded with flavor, (you know what I mean), and perhaps I go all the way there and return with a payday similar to that of the cost of a coconut, the end of the day...this is an opportunity and I am going.


Last year I thought was my last season in sport and I was ready to land back into teaching, knowing, er thinking, I maxed out my credit card to support the travel habbits of a pro in this sport, one on an island FAR away to be more specific. BUT...Swift Bikes paid for my pro card so here I am. Broke, working on side gigs, but still doing what I love! This will in no way be an easy season of swimbikerun for me. In fact, Kainoa and I will be moving up the hill soon and off our beloved Ali'i Drive. However, it's going to be better and it will let me stay in sport a little longer. Who knows, one day I might even get really fast and win some actual prize money to support this life. At the moment, I'm just thankful, truly thankful, that the race is working out and I get to race. Nobody ever said having a go at a dream is easy or that it wouldn't mean some massive sacrificing. Another season in sport, here we go...

Thanks for all the support that always seems to help me land on my feet, appreciate it big time. See you all at the races, Kainoa and I are so ready for 2012! It's going to be a fun one, full of our usual swimbikerun, travel nightmares, tears, sweat, achievements, hopes & prayers, those rough days you need your mom, some beach too, and if you haven't heard we have the Masuda boys along for the ride this year too ;)


LOTS of ALOHA, Bree!!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

For The LOVE of Cookies...

Sunday, THANK YOU for going so good and topping off the week with cookies! Tomorrow is a DAY OFF. The entire week was fully loaded with a lot of swimbikerun, focus, concentrate, believe, push through, trust, and just about everything in between. Today was a ride then a half marathon off the bike.
After the run I knew I was done, making it count was mandatory. Lately I've been given workouts that I've yet to do before or have yet to hold the pace given for the duration expected. My personal quote of the week was, "Just because I haven't done it before doesn't mean I can't do it". While some workouts still have yet to be tackled with flying stars, a few are now part of the "I CAN do that" now. Today's run is one of them...
I landed in Masuda's drive way after the run, chocolate milk coming up and out from sheer exertion and exhaustion. The sun, the pace, all of it left chocolate milk where chocolate milk does not belong. In return, he made me lunch and fixed the breaks on my truck. NOT EVEN KIDDING. Seriously, life has been handing me a ton of lemons lately but every time I'm tempted to get sour about it Masuda seems to make lemonade out of my life...sweet.
Back to the cookies, you simply must try the new coconut sugar, (maybe not new to you, but it just landed on our island). It's ONLY coconut! With the coconut sugar, a banana, a cup of peanut butter, an egg, a little bit of earthy pastry flour, (don't ask, I found it in the fridge and used it), a sprinkle of sea salt, cinnamon, and baking powder, you can have the BEST, most soft, butterless coconutty, peanutty cookies ever to hit the spot after a good run!
Aloha ahiahi!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

60 Miles later...

If a picture can tell a story, I'll let these few fill you in on today's big ride...

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Queen K Kind of Day...

The morning began here, it kept on going here, and then it finished here, just before sunset. It was a ride, short rest, run day...

...and now, I feel like this. I ate my weight in eggs today, drank enough berries in a smoothie to make jelly and jam jealous, and I used an entire bottle of sunscreen. I'm still thirsty. If I was a beer drinking kind of girl this would be a beer kind of day, er night.


You won't find me complaining though, to have the Queen K as my office, daily, still excites me. Sitting on a bike, running, or landing in the ocean still has yet to land me complacent that THIS is what I get to do, everyday. I'm pouring over Training Peaks right now, coach has just updated the rest of this week and Monday. Monday the 23rd says, "Day off". The last time my schedule said that was the day after a race when I was stuck on a plane flying 15 hours home.


Monday will have to wait though, now till then will land me my biggest week of 2012, so far. Each day till then has so many goals as they are all the kinds of workouts that repeat where I started so I can see improvement, or they are testers to see what still has to happen to get my okole moving. Despite my eyes wanting to roll over in my head, I'm more excited than tired.


Last week I watched the LeBron James Documentary, (really good by the way), one line stuck out, "plan to be surprised", this week I am planning on being surprised...


Good night from a girl who spent most the day riding and running The Queen K,


Monday, January 16, 2012

You are my shining star, sing it...

Yesterday Wendy and I were talking about what matters most. We came to an agreement, the people in our lives. At the end of everyday we are left with the moments that filled 24 hours, some good, some bad, some we don't even remember. To sum up, the moments, however great or not-so-thrilling, are made better by those we shared them with. This weekend was for sure enriched by people that are my shining stars, like Wendy who has allowed me to girl talk her ear off in all things life, love, and sport all weekend long...

My little sister! Holy cow this woman amazes me, forever driven and always looking out for me. Pretty sure God meant for her to be born before me because she does far more looking out for me than I do for her. My Sunday long run is made possible by her looking after Kainoa while I pound pavement all morning. Then she runs her own sun, amazing...

Today was my BIG swim/ride day. After a loop with Wendy, a loop with Wendy and the high school swim team, it was bike ride time. I rode the hills down South to where Mike and his buddies were doing the "Long Weekend Campout" , he had food waiting to save me after the swim and ride, THEN kept me company for the final recovery swim of the day.

Kainoa, by far my favorite shining star! Every run, swim, and bike this weekend he has told me, "Good job mom", "Hope you are happy about that one mom", "Mom that was so fast", and, "Mom, I love you". Endless support by a little boy who gets equally caught up in believing in me as he does climbing trees.

REV3 & Swift Bikes have came through for me big time too, making it that much easier to continue the climb through triathlon. Swift Bikes paid that whopping $795 pro card fee to enter the races, so I can actually enter the races, MAHALO Swift Bikes!! I'd have to sell a bike to enter a race if it weren't for them, sorry to unleash as I feel bad for even moaning about that one time fee when I know it's pretty much that fee every race for a majority of the triathletes all over the world, really am sorry.


Also, REV3 who so graciously let me be part of as many of their events for 2012 as I want, no strings or money attached, really! I will land at least 4 this season thanks to them!! AND Bike Workswho worked, freely, on my bike mid ride for me!! Talk about help out in the lava fields!!
At the end of the day, or a good training weekend, it's pretty easy to count up good memories or moments, but it's even better when there is a face behind each of the moments that made them possible. And I know without a doubt, somewhere in her classroom, my older sister is feeling left out, (she always tells me I forget to mention her when I mention the little sister), that each of us has a handful of other faces making our lives a little more possible, like my older sister and of course my coach who writes up these training plans that have me all over the island.


BIG Thanks to those that have kept me moving this weekend!!


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Round #2, Maybe it was the Cereal...

Last week I had intervals, you know, adding some speed back to the body after some rest and recovery of 2011 season. It was ugly. It was not speed. It got me grumpy. It was just a start up, some 6:15 pace stuff. More than the legs, my head was not ready to get the legs back into quicker turn overs. I got mad, wait, I got sad. After a mini pep talk to myself, something like this, "Bree you kook, you ran a 5:02 mile 5weeks after having Kainoa and peed your pants all the way to the finish line, you can certainly hold a minute and change easier, get your rear into gear you big kook". So I ran a mile at 6 minutes and felt grumpy, still. Coach said next week we try again and that it will come back, patience.
Today was the day. Me VS my intervals. The beautiful thing about intervals are that they are made for you, your goals, and they challenge you more than those nice trail runs. Except next week the boys get back into intervals and then they will be made for them and I'll have to chase all morning long, but for today, they were made for me.
Today, (not that you asked my workout, as we are all different paces), I'm just giving you an idea in case you are self coached and want an interval workout to try early season. After a warm up it's 8x800 with a minute rest between each. The goal is to use your stand-alone half marathon pace (not off the bike) for 1,3, 5, 7. For 2, 4, 6, 8 you go 15 seconds faster. The cool thing about this workout is that it makes the odd intervals actually feel easy because the even ones are a bit quicker.
I was 6 minute pace on odds and 5:45 on evens. Today it was cake, I blame last night "Sunset Cereal". In fact, by round 2 it looked like I had botox because I could not wipe the smile off my face!! After last week it was about time my legs woke up. The last round I made my #7 my 5:45 pace and #8 I just ran as hard as I could go till snot and spit was flying out of my nose and mouth, it wasn't my 5:02 with peeing my pants but it got darn close. Anyways, I blame the cereal, sugar high??

Kainoa and I made this "Cereal Sunday" weekly tradition a few years ago, we'd just sit in the sand and eat cereal till we both felt like 2 year olds. Last night the girls and I decided to bring it back, "Cereal Sunset", we just ate cereal, the bad for you kind, till we felt like kids again...


Try the intervals and cereal combo, bet it works for you too!


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Social Ride, Let's Talk...

Today I was given a 4hour ride that had a big note: Keep it social, talk, just ride chill, for 4 hours. There was no other goal than to keep it social. No speed, no drills, no climbs, no pace to hit or miles to rack up. Sit on my bike, pedal, chill. TALK ABOUT EASY! I can totally handle that, but what's the purpose?

  • Riding easy teaches the body to burn fat for fuel rather than tap out your glycogen, nice to practice early in the season if you plan on long distance racing later on

  • Teaches patience

  • Improves cardiovascular function

  • Less likely to wear you down and beat up your immune system

  • Use it as a day to enjoy the sport as it allows the mind to relax without tapping into those mentally taxing days when you are pushing to reach HR goals or other time goals, helps with mental burn out

  • How easy is easy? You are most likely going too fast, it's that easy
Less than a mile into my ride I land behind my brother n' law towing the nephew. I actually ride with them for a while, it's THAT EASY. There is now landmark to reach before I turn around, there is no speed limit to break, no sweat.

About 90 minutes into the ride Matsumoto finds me, stops, invites me to Waipio for a hike. Now THAT is social! BUT it's not riding, so I ditch her, actually she ditches me-it's not THAT easy, you actually have to move the bike.


From there on out it's pretty chill. In fact you feel like you can make the ride on bananas alone! It doesn't take much to convince me that EASY should be EASY, especially when you know tomorrow is going to be HARD, and anyone who might struggle with burnout mid-way through the season can take a day like an easy ride or run to settle back into the passion that first got them into sport...


Cheers to easy days,


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Happy In The Day...

I have a VERY cool tip to share. It's not freeze your bananas before putting them in your smoothie to make it more thick, it's not that you can use a gel wrapper in your bike tire if you blow a hole too big to ride home, and it's not that a 30 minute run is better than doing nothing at all if you are in a serious time pinch, (I mean 30 minutes, really...). Its....TAKE PICTURES TO FIND HAPPY.
There was a bit of sad lingering back in 2010 and a friend told me, "Bree, go take some pictures, you like that, pictures always make happy because you see what you appreciate". His advice was awesome, haven't forgotten it since. Today I decided to pull out the ol' "take pictures" plan for the sole purpose of seeing things around me that I'm happy about. You should try it if you have a sour attitude one day, just go snap photos and you can't help but discover things that make you happy.
Thankfully for me it was a VERY FULLY LOADED day, lots of opportunities to see HAPPY & THINGS I APPRECIATE. Of course I didn't get to see all my friends or snap photos at my sisters house, but they should be on here if I was with them all day.
Happy found #1. HOME. Being a Kona girl makes me really happy!
Happy found #2. Wana. It always reminds me of fireworks under water. Talk about a beautiful ocean swim this morning!

Happy found #3. Masuda. He is training for his first ever Olympic Distance Triathlon. Love seeing his excitement for a first big race and that kick...need I say more?

Happy Found #4. Smile fish. Take a close up look, these fish ALWAYS have a smile on their little gill scaled faces! The dolphins and whales were out too, if I was close enough for a picture that would have made me happy too...

Happy found #5. My Bike. Plenty said, I just love riding my bike. 3 hours today with intervals thrown in and one round of 20 I have Thomas Von, (not sure the rest of spelling his last name) pull me.

Happy found #6. THIS!! I got back to my truck after the swim and ride, had about 4 minutes to get on the run before needing to get Kainoa from school and THIS was waiting! Masuda knew I was in a time crunch, knew my favorite "between bike/run" go-to fuel, and it was waiting for me!! Of course 4 minutes was not enough time to let any of it settle and I had major stomach bubbles happening on the run, but it settled after a few miles and I was golden!
Happy found #7. Kindergarten drop off and pick up. Ahhh, the days when it's cool to have mom around and kiss her goodbye and hug her hello!

Happy found #8. Sunset. Home sweet home always gives me a reason to be thankful at the end of a day...


Go find your happy,


Monday, January 9, 2012

Take it from a child...

What would the child you once were think of the adult you have become?

I'm not really sure who said that quote, I heard it from my mom, and love it. Right about now I am knee deep-take that back, chest deep, in such an adult like lifestyle. It's fully loaded with choices bigger than if I want chicken nuggets or hamburger in my Happy Meal. It's got real life worries, beyond if Barbie Doll hair will grow back if I cut it. At this moment in my life I feel like running home and crawling into the bed I grew up in waiting for my mom to knock on the door and fix it all. At 32 I don't think that's an option, at least not the best one.

Tonight I did homework with Kainoa, it was all about the letter F. We were making F words on flowers. Usually that would be something I'd laugh about, I mean F words on flowers! I did not laugh. Looking at him I saw me, the 5 year old me, and I was reminded of the way I used to approach my troubles, worries, challenges, problems. Somewhere between worrying about a flight to Panama 70.3, what weekend Kainoa is at his dads or home, if I have to rob my sisters fridge this week or actually buy my own groceries, and other big kid things outside of running miles and miles, I forgot all about..."When I grow up....".

It is entirely too early in the brand New Year to forget about dreams, goals, and having that child like faith that makes us feel as if we can run a marathon faster than the kid next door, swim with sharks and collect their teeth, (that was something I wanted to do as a kid), and ride our bike with no hands. Oh believe me, believing that things will get better the next day, (or as Masuda told me today, in 2 weeks), is not always easy, but we have too, because what would that little girl or boy we once were think of the grown up we have become??


Saturday, January 7, 2012

Snap Shots...

Click, click, click! Snapping away with the camera is my most favorite way to savor a memory, a reminder of where I have been, where I'm going, and of course those along with me. However, snapping away on the camera has simmered down for a tiny, tiny, tiny minute. I'm just really focused right now. Not a day slips by that I don't appreciate the opportunities I have been given in sport, with the people I call family, with all that I have been given-simply put-a photo is a beautiful way to share a life that others would love to have an opportunity to know as well.
I know I LOVE looking at pictures of the Oahu girls surfing around the world on pro tour, man I would LOVE if that was an opportunity I knew, their photos share moments with us living out different opportunities, (because you know we all have them in some unique way). Anyways, despite my major moments of focus I have snapped a few from training the past couple days...
Today was a ride I am VERY proud of. It was a loop that includes a pretty nice sized climb. It's not super steep but it's long, hot, and depending on the time of day-WINDY. On my way up a man turned back down, it was abnormally windy. The loop takes roughly 4hours and every time I have ever ridden it I take the road bike and the boys. This morning I was feeling especially brave and took the tri bike and no boys. I saw things I never see, hills, cows, chickens, barns, and paid more attention to the details-like how I felt and when to mix up the gears and drink. It was pretty awesome looking out for myself...

One of the best parts of the ride was getting to the hill top and seeing the homeward bound sign! 31 miles away baby!!

Training has truly uncovered some new territory so far into 2012. Living on a rock in the middle of the Pacific Ocean hasn't exactly limited my search for the occasional swimbikerun off the beaten path. Trail runs have kept my passion for simply running-simple. Whenever coach puts up a recovery run or something that speed isn't part of it a trail becomes my Heaven on Earth.

...and then there are the swims. Same big, blue, beautiful ocean. BUT every single swim is different. The swims are probably my favorite part of being back into full time sport, they are the time of day I have the most company and it feels as if I share this opportunity with friends.

My final snapshot is of my hot date night, because a girl has to get out of those sweaty sports bras every now and then...


Happy Training!!