Thursday, January 5, 2012

30 Push Ups Later...

Someday's you simply can't help but feel undoubtedly tough. Like after a 2 hour run, the finish of a long ride with the boys, or lifting weights in the gym. You know the things that personally give you that sweaty feeling and make it feel okay to go polish off a cheeseburger, (loaded).
Then there are those days where you realize you have a lot of work to do on the way to where you are going. I've been very honored to swim with the younger bunch of speedo wearing, chlorine loving, lap counting swimmers heading into 2012 season. This part of the year I face bravely. After a few good workouts we can pretty much sum up what needs to be done, where to put focus, and what it will take to go from couch and fruitcake to bike and speedo.
For me, it's stretch, strengthen, core, flexibility, and those arm busting push ups! A week into the new year and the endurance still feels intact, but that other stuff, speed & super hero muscles, are MIA. It took a handful of 10 and under swimmers to show me how to get fit again. No intimidation whatsoever, I could just run away from them if I had to. But when it came time to hold in a plank position, lay on our backs with our feet just slightly off the ground, and stand in stream line position forever, I had LOADS of work to do.

It has been awesome basking in the Kona sunlight on a pool deck with the youth. 3 days in a row I made my 10 push ups, 30 in a week! It seems like so few, but that my friends is A LOT when you spend no time whatsoever working on your strength. In fact, I feel strong now, all it took was 30 push ups and a bunch of little tadpoles! Don't worry, I spend time getting my okole kicked by people my own size....yesterday it was behind Lieto and his friend for warm up.


Where to now???? More push ups? Sit ups? I'll toss in both to my consumption of swimbikerun. Good luck on the starting up of your season, don't be shy to use the youth to inspire, motivate, or teach you a few good things, like push ups...




Lucy Francis said...

Our young club swimmers do that too, I don't understand why they never include us masters? :-(

It's great to always have a challenge so we don't get to complacent and keeping young company just makes us feel younger :-)

Has anyone on your island made it to the london olympics this year? Let me know and I'll cheer them on if I can get to the event

Jamie said...

Nothing like getting schooled by a bunch of 10 year olds!

"The student now becomes the teacher."