Monday, January 30, 2012

8th Wonder Of The World...

Did you know in less than 2 weeks is Panama 70.3, holding a VERY COOL opportunity about to happen in my life, I'll get to swim in the Panama Canal! The Panama Canal is the 8th Wonder of the World you know. Rather than give you a history lesson, I'll just let you know I am BEYOND EXCITED to swim in the 8th wonder of the world! How awesome, simply unreal! Of course I'll bring the camera, journal it like a high school girl in love, and tell my family and friends (anyone who will listen for that matter) all about it!
As excited as I am this leaves me with no other choice than to give you the 8 wonders of my life, in no particular order:
1. Traveling. The first time I really understood "travel" was when my mother got on a boat, came back a week or so later, and had coins and things from another country. At that time she worked as a boat delivery girl. Basically, she was part of the crew of beautiful sail boats that had the job to sail them from Florida to places that boat owners would fly to and would want their personal boats there when they landed. Very unique job, right!? Her stories, the treasures she brought home, and all the pictures had me so passionate about travel from a young age. Of course the sisters and I also landed on a sail boat and got to explore some little islands too!! And so, at 15 off to Costa Rica I went and traveling has been a wonder of my life ever since.
2. Motherhood. There truly is no greater experience than that which a parent gets to live out. From pregnancy, the way your boobs grow to a D, (seriously still shocked how that happened), to childbirth, (the whole watermelon out of a cherry thing), to actually being a parent...unreal!

3. The ocean. Simply put, I'm still has in love with the ocean as the very first time my feet left the sand and landed in water. From ocean sports, to fishing for dinner, to discovering an entire underwater life, the ocean still has me in all sorts of awe inspired wonder.

4. Love. Okay, so it's no surprise, I love Masuda. It's pretty unreal to me the way people fall in love, stay in love, and make it work. One of the most fun things I do when I travel and land in homestays is ask the couples how they met, how they make it work, and to tell me their love story. I LOVE love stories. One of my favorites was my homestay in St. Croix, they even sent me home with a wine cork that they use as a little game they have been playing their entire marriage, (something like 40 years). Then there is the family in Nicaragua that taught me ALL about caring for the other person by focusing on the little things, not the big ones. My love list is pretty huge, the lessons learned and stories heard, and of course finding it is beautiful.

5. Triathlon. Maybe because it's a dream being lived out, or the way it has taught me to truly get the most out of myself, triathlon is still a wonder of my life. For the past couple years it has also been a way of supporting Kainoa and I. It's allowed me to see more of the world, meet amazing people, and of course doing three sports all day some days sure is a good way to push the boundaries of ourselves and cause one to wonder about the body after it goes through an Ironman!!
6. My education. College sure was not what I expected, it was SO MUCH BETTER! My parents pretty much made me go, I tried to convince them I could learn more from life experiences than the books, but looking back I am SO THANKFUL they made me endure 5 years of life in a dorm, I mean, all that studying!! Books, adventures, college, all of the learning I get to do and have done have truly taught me to see the world with more than my eyes.

7. Life on an island. From the little things, like road side fruit stands, to the big things, like a slower paced lifestyle where stopping to smell flowers is something we actually do, I have learned to appreciate all the beauty that surrounds me, I've learned to take nothing for granted, and I've found that bikinis are always in style.

8. My family, friends, and son. Looking though my 5 million photos I couldn't find one that had my entire family, Kainoa, and all my friends in it. A giant reunion is in order-pronto. Thankfully I managed to find a picture that sums up what the people in my life do to me, they set me free. It's definitely one of the 8 wonders of my life being surrounded by good people.


This week is a pretty big one at the office, lots to do in preparation for that awesome swim in the Panama Canal next week!! Less than 2 weeks till the first race of the season, WONDERFUL!





Jen Small said...

you are so blessed to have the beauty of such amazing things in your life:
love, your son, passion for your career, living the dream and breathing in that Hawaiian air :)

Wishing you nothing but continued joy and bliss each and every day!!

Christi said...

I love all the things you have outlined as the wonders in your life. You always have such great appreciation for your life. You are a living example of how we should all appreciate the things in our life. Thanks so much for that.

Now go get training! :)

SHERRY said...

This very well may be my most favorite post of yours, Bree. Just beautiful.

Lucy Francis said...

I want to hear and see all about the Panama canal please.
How lovely that you ask your homestays about their love stories! And what a great job your mum had, no wonder you caught the travel and ocean bugs:-)
Sending you lots of luck from across 2 oceans Bree

kakes773 said...

Thanks for sharing all your joy and blessing with us, Bree!