Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Happy In The Day...

I have a VERY cool tip to share. It's not freeze your bananas before putting them in your smoothie to make it more thick, it's not that you can use a gel wrapper in your bike tire if you blow a hole too big to ride home, and it's not that a 30 minute run is better than doing nothing at all if you are in a serious time pinch, (I mean 30 minutes, really...). Its....TAKE PICTURES TO FIND HAPPY.
There was a bit of sad lingering back in 2010 and a friend told me, "Bree, go take some pictures, you like that, pictures always make happy because you see what you appreciate". His advice was awesome, haven't forgotten it since. Today I decided to pull out the ol' "take pictures" plan for the sole purpose of seeing things around me that I'm happy about. You should try it if you have a sour attitude one day, just go snap photos and you can't help but discover things that make you happy.
Thankfully for me it was a VERY FULLY LOADED day, lots of opportunities to see HAPPY & THINGS I APPRECIATE. Of course I didn't get to see all my friends or snap photos at my sisters house, but they should be on here if I was with them all day.
Happy found #1. HOME. Being a Kona girl makes me really happy!
Happy found #2. Wana. It always reminds me of fireworks under water. Talk about a beautiful ocean swim this morning!

Happy found #3. Masuda. He is training for his first ever Olympic Distance Triathlon. Love seeing his excitement for a first big race and that kick...need I say more?

Happy Found #4. Smile fish. Take a close up look, these fish ALWAYS have a smile on their little gill scaled faces! The dolphins and whales were out too, if I was close enough for a picture that would have made me happy too...

Happy found #5. My Bike. Plenty said, I just love riding my bike. 3 hours today with intervals thrown in and one round of 20 I have Thomas Von, (not sure the rest of spelling his last name) pull me.

Happy found #6. THIS!! I got back to my truck after the swim and ride, had about 4 minutes to get on the run before needing to get Kainoa from school and THIS was waiting! Masuda knew I was in a time crunch, knew my favorite "between bike/run" go-to fuel, and it was waiting for me!! Of course 4 minutes was not enough time to let any of it settle and I had major stomach bubbles happening on the run, but it settled after a few miles and I was golden!
Happy found #7. Kindergarten drop off and pick up. Ahhh, the days when it's cool to have mom around and kiss her goodbye and hug her hello!

Happy found #8. Sunset. Home sweet home always gives me a reason to be thankful at the end of a day...


Go find your happy,



Christi said...

Great happy finds! The face that my puppy gives me everyday when I come home is one of mine.

Dawn said...

Love your happy pics! Beautiful!! Everyone has those... good idea to take some pics of them to treaure forever. :)