Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Queen K Kind of Day...

The morning began here, it kept on going here, and then it finished here, just before sunset. It was a ride, short rest, run day...

...and now, I feel like this. I ate my weight in eggs today, drank enough berries in a smoothie to make jelly and jam jealous, and I used an entire bottle of sunscreen. I'm still thirsty. If I was a beer drinking kind of girl this would be a beer kind of day, er night.


You won't find me complaining though, to have the Queen K as my office, daily, still excites me. Sitting on a bike, running, or landing in the ocean still has yet to land me complacent that THIS is what I get to do, everyday. I'm pouring over Training Peaks right now, coach has just updated the rest of this week and Monday. Monday the 23rd says, "Day off". The last time my schedule said that was the day after a race when I was stuck on a plane flying 15 hours home.


Monday will have to wait though, now till then will land me my biggest week of 2012, so far. Each day till then has so many goals as they are all the kinds of workouts that repeat where I started so I can see improvement, or they are testers to see what still has to happen to get my okole moving. Despite my eyes wanting to roll over in my head, I'm more excited than tired.


Last week I watched the LeBron James Documentary, (really good by the way), one line stuck out, "plan to be surprised", this week I am planning on being surprised...


Good night from a girl who spent most the day riding and running The Queen K,



Lucy Francis said...

if you ever want to swap bike routes, I'll do your queen K and you do my Richmond park to windsor castle and back loop :-)
Enjoy your rest day Miss

Jen Small said...

You are the luckiest girl in the world :)

Christi said...

Go conquer your week of workouts! And then enjoy every great moment of your rest day!