Thursday, January 12, 2012

Round #2, Maybe it was the Cereal...

Last week I had intervals, you know, adding some speed back to the body after some rest and recovery of 2011 season. It was ugly. It was not speed. It got me grumpy. It was just a start up, some 6:15 pace stuff. More than the legs, my head was not ready to get the legs back into quicker turn overs. I got mad, wait, I got sad. After a mini pep talk to myself, something like this, "Bree you kook, you ran a 5:02 mile 5weeks after having Kainoa and peed your pants all the way to the finish line, you can certainly hold a minute and change easier, get your rear into gear you big kook". So I ran a mile at 6 minutes and felt grumpy, still. Coach said next week we try again and that it will come back, patience.
Today was the day. Me VS my intervals. The beautiful thing about intervals are that they are made for you, your goals, and they challenge you more than those nice trail runs. Except next week the boys get back into intervals and then they will be made for them and I'll have to chase all morning long, but for today, they were made for me.
Today, (not that you asked my workout, as we are all different paces), I'm just giving you an idea in case you are self coached and want an interval workout to try early season. After a warm up it's 8x800 with a minute rest between each. The goal is to use your stand-alone half marathon pace (not off the bike) for 1,3, 5, 7. For 2, 4, 6, 8 you go 15 seconds faster. The cool thing about this workout is that it makes the odd intervals actually feel easy because the even ones are a bit quicker.
I was 6 minute pace on odds and 5:45 on evens. Today it was cake, I blame last night "Sunset Cereal". In fact, by round 2 it looked like I had botox because I could not wipe the smile off my face!! After last week it was about time my legs woke up. The last round I made my #7 my 5:45 pace and #8 I just ran as hard as I could go till snot and spit was flying out of my nose and mouth, it wasn't my 5:02 with peeing my pants but it got darn close. Anyways, I blame the cereal, sugar high??

Kainoa and I made this "Cereal Sunday" weekly tradition a few years ago, we'd just sit in the sand and eat cereal till we both felt like 2 year olds. Last night the girls and I decided to bring it back, "Cereal Sunset", we just ate cereal, the bad for you kind, till we felt like kids again...


Try the intervals and cereal combo, bet it works for you too!



Christi said...

Great job Bree!

Lucy Francis said...

this reminds me of our advert for the cereal Weetabix presented by an athlete a few years ago: "have you had your weetabix today?"
it sounds like you have Bree :-)


Corn Pops or Sugar Smacks..
Those will make me run!
If I am going to contend at IMNYC I need to add intervals, something that is non existant in the OneHour world!! I will give it a shot

Caroline said...

This was a great post - congrats on an awesome speedwork session and I'm glad it made you happy this time around. What I wouldn't give for some Cinnamon Toast Crunch right now, mmmmm!