Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Social Ride, Let's Talk...

Today I was given a 4hour ride that had a big note: Keep it social, talk, just ride chill, for 4 hours. There was no other goal than to keep it social. No speed, no drills, no climbs, no pace to hit or miles to rack up. Sit on my bike, pedal, chill. TALK ABOUT EASY! I can totally handle that, but what's the purpose?

  • Riding easy teaches the body to burn fat for fuel rather than tap out your glycogen, nice to practice early in the season if you plan on long distance racing later on

  • Teaches patience

  • Improves cardiovascular function

  • Less likely to wear you down and beat up your immune system

  • Use it as a day to enjoy the sport as it allows the mind to relax without tapping into those mentally taxing days when you are pushing to reach HR goals or other time goals, helps with mental burn out

  • How easy is easy? You are most likely going too fast, it's that easy
Less than a mile into my ride I land behind my brother n' law towing the nephew. I actually ride with them for a while, it's THAT EASY. There is now landmark to reach before I turn around, there is no speed limit to break, no sweat.

About 90 minutes into the ride Matsumoto finds me, stops, invites me to Waipio for a hike. Now THAT is social! BUT it's not riding, so I ditch her, actually she ditches me-it's not THAT easy, you actually have to move the bike.


From there on out it's pretty chill. In fact you feel like you can make the ride on bananas alone! It doesn't take much to convince me that EASY should be EASY, especially when you know tomorrow is going to be HARD, and anyone who might struggle with burnout mid-way through the season can take a day like an easy ride or run to settle back into the passion that first got them into sport...


Cheers to easy days,



Christi said...

I love easy social rides. They always bring the passion for the sport back.


Hey, sounds like the way I race!!

Lucy Francis said...

what a shame i wasn't on the island! I would have gone riding with you. Easy for you which would have probably meant medium/hard for me, but the best thing is we could have chatted for ages.

Caroline said...

That sounds like a perfect recovery workout! It's nice to give the mind and body a rest sometimes.