Monday, January 9, 2012

Take it from a child...

What would the child you once were think of the adult you have become?

I'm not really sure who said that quote, I heard it from my mom, and love it. Right about now I am knee deep-take that back, chest deep, in such an adult like lifestyle. It's fully loaded with choices bigger than if I want chicken nuggets or hamburger in my Happy Meal. It's got real life worries, beyond if Barbie Doll hair will grow back if I cut it. At this moment in my life I feel like running home and crawling into the bed I grew up in waiting for my mom to knock on the door and fix it all. At 32 I don't think that's an option, at least not the best one.

Tonight I did homework with Kainoa, it was all about the letter F. We were making F words on flowers. Usually that would be something I'd laugh about, I mean F words on flowers! I did not laugh. Looking at him I saw me, the 5 year old me, and I was reminded of the way I used to approach my troubles, worries, challenges, problems. Somewhere between worrying about a flight to Panama 70.3, what weekend Kainoa is at his dads or home, if I have to rob my sisters fridge this week or actually buy my own groceries, and other big kid things outside of running miles and miles, I forgot all about..."When I grow up....".

It is entirely too early in the brand New Year to forget about dreams, goals, and having that child like faith that makes us feel as if we can run a marathon faster than the kid next door, swim with sharks and collect their teeth, (that was something I wanted to do as a kid), and ride our bike with no hands. Oh believe me, believing that things will get better the next day, (or as Masuda told me today, in 2 weeks), is not always easy, but we have too, because what would that little girl or boy we once were think of the grown up we have become??



Ordinarylife said...

A very important question. One we need to keep asking ourselves. Thanks

Christi said...

A great question and one somebody asked me the other day. I still don't have the answer but I am pondering it.

Lily on the Road said...

My inner kid is buried right now trying to deal with a father who has rapid dementia and a best friend with inoperable terminal cancer.

I will though, dig deep to try to find my inner child, she is somewhere in there...thanks for the reminder Bree...sometimes we have to deal with "f words", and just sometimes they aren't fabulous.

Tina Marie Parker said...

Nicely said Lily. Keep reaching for the inner kid to get through the everyday.

Christy said...

Caught up on your post. I like your attitude and talks about motherhood. You look happy in-love. You're right, it's never too late to work for a dream. I read something in your New Year's post a/b life's changes. The change of friends in a year can be really good. I found out who really loved and didn't just want. I have gained loving friendships thru letting go of those who wanted clickish behavior or didn't respect my being a Mom and Wife. I wish the very best for those who've move on, and hope they find joy. Happy New Year, Bree! It looks like you are off to a wonderful start.

Lucy Francis said...

so funny! when I was a kid I also wanted to be able to ride my bike with no hands :-)
I think the child I was would have thought "what a mad adult! how did she end up in london? WOW"
However I would have sabotaged the encounter and my adult self would have given my child version some good advice "join a swimming club and learn the strokes! keep up the cycling and you know that 10 minute run you do in PE? one day you're going to run sooooo much further! and another thing - TRIATHLON! remember that!"
this is because as a kid i never did sport apart from riding the bike in park on holidays and jumping in waves at the beach.

Rachel said...

also worrying about my flight to Panama 70.3 as my work hasn't let me know about time off. all this training and i'm not even sure i can go.

i wish you the best in 2012! i've been blog stalking you since i started triathlon back in 2008. love love all your beautiful pictures. you are an inspiration to all us ammeter girls.

if i see you on the course i'll be sure to give you a cheer.

Kat Verduzco said...

"What would the child you once were think of the adult you have become?" …. My first thought was Richard Bach (Jonathan Livingston Seagull, One, Illusions, Bridge Across Forever, etc) as this is the moral of a couple of his stories, especially Bridge Across Forever.

I found this quote of his which is almost the same: "I gave my life to become the person I am right now. Was it worth it?" …..

Thanks for always reminding me of my greatest inspirations in life, and the introspection you inspire…..The child you were can be proud of the adult you have become, touching and inspiring so many lives on the planet! You are one of my weekly gifts and a source of great blessing, and I thank you, both the child you were and the adult you are now!