Monday, January 16, 2012

You are my shining star, sing it...

Yesterday Wendy and I were talking about what matters most. We came to an agreement, the people in our lives. At the end of everyday we are left with the moments that filled 24 hours, some good, some bad, some we don't even remember. To sum up, the moments, however great or not-so-thrilling, are made better by those we shared them with. This weekend was for sure enriched by people that are my shining stars, like Wendy who has allowed me to girl talk her ear off in all things life, love, and sport all weekend long...

My little sister! Holy cow this woman amazes me, forever driven and always looking out for me. Pretty sure God meant for her to be born before me because she does far more looking out for me than I do for her. My Sunday long run is made possible by her looking after Kainoa while I pound pavement all morning. Then she runs her own sun, amazing...

Today was my BIG swim/ride day. After a loop with Wendy, a loop with Wendy and the high school swim team, it was bike ride time. I rode the hills down South to where Mike and his buddies were doing the "Long Weekend Campout" , he had food waiting to save me after the swim and ride, THEN kept me company for the final recovery swim of the day.

Kainoa, by far my favorite shining star! Every run, swim, and bike this weekend he has told me, "Good job mom", "Hope you are happy about that one mom", "Mom that was so fast", and, "Mom, I love you". Endless support by a little boy who gets equally caught up in believing in me as he does climbing trees.

REV3 & Swift Bikes have came through for me big time too, making it that much easier to continue the climb through triathlon. Swift Bikes paid that whopping $795 pro card fee to enter the races, so I can actually enter the races, MAHALO Swift Bikes!! I'd have to sell a bike to enter a race if it weren't for them, sorry to unleash as I feel bad for even moaning about that one time fee when I know it's pretty much that fee every race for a majority of the triathletes all over the world, really am sorry.


Also, REV3 who so graciously let me be part of as many of their events for 2012 as I want, no strings or money attached, really! I will land at least 4 this season thanks to them!! AND Bike Workswho worked, freely, on my bike mid ride for me!! Talk about help out in the lava fields!!
At the end of the day, or a good training weekend, it's pretty easy to count up good memories or moments, but it's even better when there is a face behind each of the moments that made them possible. And I know without a doubt, somewhere in her classroom, my older sister is feeling left out, (she always tells me I forget to mention her when I mention the little sister), that each of us has a handful of other faces making our lives a little more possible, like my older sister and of course my coach who writes up these training plans that have me all over the island.


BIG Thanks to those that have kept me moving this weekend!!




How about $1500 for community fund slot at IMNYC... hey, the bright side is $605 is tax deductable..

With a great support system all things in life are made a bit easier. Also, you tend to receive what you give in this world.. that's why you feel so blessed Bree


Christi said...

Yay for the great things in your life!

Jill Costantino said...

You deserve this! You do SO much for the sport of triathlon and SO much more important - you are a constant reminder of the most precious moments life offers and that hope is an AMAZING word!
2012 is going to be GREAT!

Lucy Francis said...

Great to hear that your sponsors are suppporting you as they should.
the fees are getting higher for everyone: Pros and age groupers
A bit tough as at the moment as economies are very shaky everywhere in the world.
Treasure your friends and family :-)

Nicole and Scott Kesten said...

awesome for your sponsorships for 2012. plan to do Rev3 Cedar Point and Dells.. hope to see you there!

Kelly said...

Hey, Bree! I'm just getting caught up with you since the new year!! So excited to hear you have such great sponsors. As a member of the Team Rev3 age group team, I can say, Rev3 is family for sure! Hopefully we'll get to see each other again at a few races this year!!