Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Pucker up baby, this week is off to a great start! Must have been the glow, sparkle, and shine from Sunday's run that has trickled over into this week. You know how that goes, sometimes life just goes well and it carries over into whatever is going on. Training is going on here...

Must have been the millionth time I've ridden past these bunch of palm trees, today they looked extra beautiful, maybe because you can actually see the volcano in the back ground thanks to the vog being lower today. In any case, it was just me and my bike for most the morning and a note from coach reminding me not to stop or go too fast. I figured a photo op would keep me riding slow (I dont have to stop for photos). In my head all I could think of was running in a race with Kenyans, I take that as a good sign when you day dream about an upcomming race. Nice to know the motivation and desire are outweighing the nerves and any of those unwanted "what ifs..." that try to steal what could be a good day.


Thankfully I had a run today after the ride, I needed one. When you think a lot about running its the best time to actually go do it. When lacing the shoes sounds exciting, (because you know we have days it does not sound that awesome), then you have to run with it... today I ran with it. If it weren't for the fact my skin is "tan" and my okole is so much bigger than the Kenyans, I would have believed I was running with them today, as one of them. I'm reading a super good book about Kenyan running right now (nice timing heading into the CHASE), it has me so inspired. What beautiful people! Between you and me, I'm secretly hoping to meet them at the finish line, shake their hand-who am I kidding, I want to hug them!, and of course ask a few questions. Butterflies are filling me just thinking about this opportunity, then again I get fired up over every cool moment in life...

What am I learning? Beets. Lots of things actually, but beets is the think today, they are the wonder veggie for your blood and you know we need to move that lactic acid through our running veins, so of course we juiced beets and ginger tonight. Highly reccomend it if you think you need to purify your ran-down-blood :)

...and of course balance. Don't forget 4 boys are part of this house hold! Island style coconut carob balls were on hand too. Speaking of all these boys, i've come to the conclusion they take more time in the bathroom than girls. I grew up with 4 sisters and myself sharing a single bathroom all through middle school and high school, imagine that! Between checking if your skirt makes your butt look big, doing make up, and brushing your hair (we all had really long hair), we never had a problem getting bathroom time!


This morning I had a problem, a big one. Without naming any names (the high schooler), I landed out side using a ti leaf as toilet paper. Boys are so much worse! My new life sort of reminds me of camping...loving it.

Tonight (yeah Hawaiian time, 8:19 pm) the mailman brings me shoes. THEY ARE HERE! Just in time for tomorrow's run with the "Chase crew" from Hawaii. It is now bed time, I'll share our run workout with you tomorrow, I bet it's going to be a good one! I'll also report in on the PI shoes, so excited to try them out!


Big kisses!



Anonymous said...

I'm constantly amazed by the quality photos you're able to take while riding your bike. I would flat-out crash if I tried!

Thanks for the endless inspiration to swimbikerun. I wonder if you pros know how much us AGers appreciate and value your blogs... :)

Christi said...

I love the shoes and can't wait to hear about them. Have a great workout today!

Jackie said...

You deserve your own bathroom!

Jamie said...

PI shoes? Does that mean what I think it means? (joining the blue R team?)

Lucy Francis said...

great pic of kainoa and his girlfriend. sooooo cute