Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Running In Circles...

Finally woke up before the chickens, track day does that to me, or maybe I never actually fall asleep the night before running in circles...

That's Sal on the right of me, he is my running hero, really. He is from Algeria and at 57 with 5 bypasses he still breaks 3hr marathons like a training day of fun, for fun. Every girl needs a running role model, he is mine. On various days of training he has been on the side lines (or in front as my rabbit) pushing me beyond what I have ever believed I could do, today was the same. Him and Jason (the tall one on the left), are heading over to Oahu with me next weekend. They set up the track plan and we got a few more friends that wanted to wake up and run at 6:15am to keep us company, in circles.

I'll share our workout, it's a really fun one.

  • 2 miles warm up, include a few 100's fast to get the legs and HR up.

  • 400 hard/400 easy, 300 hard/300 easy, 200 hard/200 easy, 100 hard/100 easy, all nonstop running, when you hit the line go again-hard. Repeat 5x.

  • Recover for a mile easy=total 9 miles running

As for your pacing, everyone is different depending on where you are with your running, time of year, and event training for. For us it's the half marathon. Take your goal half marathon pace, subtract 40-45 seconds and that is your 400 time. My top secret goal is 6, so I ran my 400's at 75-79 seconds. Then as the distance gets shorter you pick up the pace, roughly 20 seconds faster for each of the shorter distances. 300-55-57, 200-36, 100-17-18. You know you chose a good pace if you can hold them for all 5 rounds. I was pretty fortunate to have Sal run with me, he took the paces coach gave me and stayed with me to pace it out, except he wasn't breathing very hard and I was.

You've all heard the story on the time I tried out for track in high school, I couldn't break the 6 min mile, that's why this workout was special to me, it was all 5:00-5:20 pace miles, Sal believed those paces would be easy breakfast for me and that lead me to believe it. Wishing everyone could have just one person believe in them, damn lucky I have a few! Maybe I'm a late bloomer, but I highly doubt boobs will ever grown in, so I give credit to those in my life that inspire me and hope good stuff for me... From run to swim, okay it was a float. So lucky to live on an island and have the perfect salt bath waiting after a run like that."I quit being afraid when my first venture failed and the sky didn't fall down." ~Allen H. Neuharth (had to share that quote, it's a keeper). I'm discovering it can be scary to believe in yourself because you don't want to let anyone down-maybe yourself included, but at the end of trying it really isn't the end of the world even if it doesn't go as hoped...

...and of course right to the farmers market to collect those 7 for $2 papayas! As for the new shoes, the PI, I LOVE them. I'll report more later, promise... that story can be made into a love story for the girls. Oh, one more cool thing, Kainoa reported today he wants to join the swim team! I am so happy, that day we have been waiting for, no pressure & patience finally landed us with a fish for a son!




JC said...

AWESOME work Chica! And now your going to have a little swimmer Dude too! woohoo - Go Kainoa! I love those chickens - I remember those from Maui my little Dude chased them.

Christi said...

"I'm discovering it can be scary to believe in yourself because you don't want to let anyone down-maybe yourself included, but at the end of trying it really isn't the end of the world even if it doesn't go as hoped..."

Okay call me weird but this made me tear up a little bit. I am in the middle of a crisis myself. I want to change careers but I am scared. Scared that I can't do it and scared that I am going to let my family down. I mean I have been the major breadwinner for over 20 years now. Anyway, this just really spoke to me. Thanks!

Marni Sumbal, MS, RD said...

I love ladder intervals! Thanks for sharing your workout! Love the pics as inspiring, makes me want to move...NOW! :)

Lucy Francis said...

Oh Bree you make pyramid training sound so fun :-) eeek I can't stand track...maybe because my sessions have always been held on a windy, cold track.
such great news about Kainoa, swimming is a great sport.