Thursday, March 15, 2012

Arms Wide Open...

Today I had a much, much better attitude than yesterday. Yesterday was the struggle to shake the homesick, today it was nothing but "Oh heck yeah, I am IN COSTA RICA BABY". It's one thing to appreciate and miss your family, it's another thing to cry about it and miss out on some wonderful lifetime experiences that you just may or may not endure again, so I went for it today...
I woke up to the birds singing, the sun shining, and the wind blowing (big time). In that first awakening of the new day I was thankful for the moment and appreciating it to the fullest. You know that book I've told you about, "To be with the one you are with when you are with them, be in the moment you are in when you are in it, and to do all the good you can when you have the opportunity to do it", that book??? Well, my sour attitude almost caused me to miss out on meeting and having great friendships here, having some incredible ocean swim loops with super company on a beautiful beach, and giving time to strangers I met along the way that were so curious about life outside of Costa Rica. I almost missed out on some life worth living...
All I can think about is running, so of course I went for a run when I got an invite to run. I'm not sure if I can feel Hapalua from Sunday in my legs still, my heart was too happy to notice any legs with running along the beach. We ran a loop of the race course, its so awesome! Seriously, Costa Rica rocks!! Having a triathlon here is one of the greatest ideas REV3 ever came up with...nice one.

Of course no morning in Costa Rica would be complete without an ocean swim too. The TN crew took me along for the ride in all things, swim-run-Tamarindo. It was a really good day with really good people (and thanks for sharing photos as my camera is MIA).
Oh believe me, with vistas like this you can believe I was still day dreaming about having the boys here, some long walks under starry skies at night (holding hands not optional), surfing in the day, Kainoa chasing iguanas-maybe next year, hopefully next year...
I'm quiet certain that this life guard stand has been here since at least 1997, I've seen it since then and it of course has me reflecting on life as a 15 yr old! The memories of this beach flooded me with dancing to Ricky Martin on a bamboo table, my little sister Brooke under the stars on that beach late one night (I'll stop that story right there), and camping with about 7 of the best friends a girl could ever have! As those memories replayed smiles began to flood me, since then I have kept my promise to myself to truly embrace my life, even if it means dancing to Ricky Martin on a bamboo table. That said, despite my lack of focus heading into this race (insert Hapalua) I still plan to aim high and go for broke, what's a girl got to lose, right?!
That said, being here and watcing the EXPO and transition area set up I want to race a race again, to prepare totally for a race, a single event. I wrote coach a note today asking him to help me get ready for Hawaii 70.3 (it's not my next race but its the next race I want to care MOST about), to help me get just as ready for it mentally and physically as I felt toeing the line for Hapalua. That was a great feeling, to get up to a line and be ready, not just go through the motions or "fake it till ya make it", be ready. After Costa Rica that is the goal, to get home and go for it. WAIT, starting Sunday that will be the goal, from Sunday on it's all about getting prepared for Honu (Hawaii 70.3) and what better way to get ready for a race than in a race...?
My day wrapped up with an interview, the REV3 crew always has the best interviewers. It's like being on a TV talk show. EXCEPT when in Costa Rica it would NOT be an interview without running on the beach near sunset for the camera like a Bay Watch Barbie.
Loved this day, glad to have made the most of it despite wanting so much to have my family here. I'll leave you with a final note, it was my encouragement from Masuda tonight. He's on a volcano top working on Maui as we speak and sent this all the way to me as a reminder to keep on keepin' on: "Just like with anything, keep doing the things that make you happy and good things will find their way to you".
My apologies for all the Spelling mistakes, my computer is so smart it keeps correcting to Spanish down here and won't let me English Spell check, you get what I'm trying to write. Buenos noches desde Costa Rica,


JC said...

He's a smart man!
Lay it down out there Ms. Costa Rician Barbie!

Pam said...

Good luck this weekend!!!

Teresa said...

Loved our quality time and the team loves you! You are always part of our family ;)