Saturday, March 17, 2012

Hey Momma...

This momma is full on enjoying her Costa Rican mornings, noons, and nights. Sun filled, bird filled, star filled best sums them up...simple. Add a few swims, bikes, and runs in there and that is exactly how the days are spent. Today I fell in love with a little brown eyed girl, children always capture my curiosity. The way they gaze out into life with a sincere appreciation and heart of nothing but wonder helps me in "the day before the race" days like this. Keep calm momma, keep cool...

Today's agenda went just like this:
1. A run to town for sports drink, papaya, and mango
2. Cheer for all the athletes racing today's race while in town
3. Read and eat, eat more, read a little more
4. Ride bike up and down a hill (insert BIG hill)
5. Pro meeting & drop off my bike
6. Sing AWESOME in the taxi, get laughed at for my skills
7. Hang out in my roomies recovery boots (I want some!)
8. Miss a phone call from Masuda because I decide to take a shower
9. Write this blog
10. Think about dinner is next on the list..
11. Go to bed sooner (hopefully) than later
Watching today's race got me fired up for tomorrow's race. 6:02 am into the blue we go. It shouldn't take much more than 2 hours, anyone can hurt and survive for 2ish hours. I'm pretty excited. Seeing the runners out there today really encouraged me that it does get challenging but it is always possible and the finish line will come.
The winds have calmed down a lot since we have been here and the ocean looks way less choppy. I suppose the roughest part now that we lost the waves (that I wanted) is that REV3 events follow international rules and we get to wear those nonlegal thick suits and darn it I left that at home and brought the thin one. Precious swim seconds count in a short race like this and this girl LOVED that thick suit for reasons like this. Momma is calm, it's still all good.
The bike has that big, beautiful hill. It is never the up that gets me, it's the down. I practiced it today to make sure the breaks work and I dont land in the gravel at the bottom. I LOVE this bike course, it is for sure a favorite of any bike course ever ridden. Loops make me happy and we get 2 of them tomorrow! The town is awesome, the hill is actually sort of fun in a sick way, and of course after every ride is a run...
The run is a favorite for sure. Beach, trail, town, up a hill, down a hill, golf course. That's it x2. I just want to run, that is all I feel like doing lately, running.
After that its MAKE THE MOST of my last day of the trip. A little crew of us plan to borrow some boards and get back in the ocean, in bikinis. One of the highlights of 2 hour races, like tomorrow, is awards at 9, pau by 9:30, WHOLE DAY LEFT! The REV3 crew has truly been making this event special and so far todays races have been smooth and I'm sure tomorrow will be more of the same.
Finally for this momma, the papayas have me feeling right at home (as we have 6 papaya trees of our own now). Except one little thing....Masuda always has the other half and I am missing the boys of my life. 2 more sleeps here in beautiful Costa Rica, a race gently tucked between the final 2 days, and then back to the island. Till then....estoy aqui y estoy feliz!


Lucy Francis said...

hey Bree what a lovely place to race! You make me want to go to Costa Rica, those Papayas are GIGANTIC :-)
By the time I'm writing this you'll be lining up at the start, Buena suerte! Estamos pensando en ti (may have mixed up portuguese with spanish in here, ops! the sacrilege!)

Lucy Francis said...

you have to check out a pic of you ,from Rev 3 on facebook, with some company on the bike. a cow crossed the road behind you :-) it's such a cool picture

marian said...

woohoo bree! congratulations!!!
can't wait to read your race report.
hope you are enjoying yourself a little longer in costa rica.

Bob Almighty said...

Congrats Awesome race today!