Monday, March 26, 2012

How Sunday Looked...

Today didn't look like yesterday, well I ran in the same shoes, and landed in the ocean, but it was a really different day. Mondays have a good way of forgetting all about "soaking up sand n' sunsets" and pouring on a new week. That said, I take my Sunday's serious...
As for Monday, survived another ocean swim without any shark attacks and that Great White everyone is talking about never showed teeth. Joined the garden club at Home Depot after my run, a very cool woman taught me all about helping my tomatoes with a simple bamboo and I discovered my garden is looking a lot like a salad bar!! Tomorrow will be my adventure of the week-Booty Yoga Class.
The girls talked me into it and having a swim/bike on the plan didn't stop them from reminding me I can get them both done before the chickens wake up and make it in time for the Booty Yoga (seriously can't believe I am going). The rest of the week is more of the life I am so very blessed to call mine (even the days I feel would be fun to trade for sake of tears and other things), but for the most part, it looks like a good week is on tap and of course, it will roll into a Sunday.
Sunday is Lavaman, my first ever Olympic Distance race-2004! Have I really been in sport that many years already!? I am pretty excited thinking about another sand n' sun fill Sunday, and race #4 of the season...
Happy Training and see you Lava peeps soon!!


Lucy Francis said...

Perfect Sunday in my opinion. Hey Bree, we're tri veterans. I started in 2005 :-)

Tina Marie Parker said...

Great Sunday! See you Sunday @ Lavaman or check in if you have to do sponser things on Saturday.

Also, today as some of the TEAM arrives they are swimming @ 4:00 @ the pier.

The TEAM is headed to LuLu's Monday for a HUGE party. You two should head down there. There will be a DD too. The boys are allowed till 9:00 pm.