Thursday, March 22, 2012

Like my momma...

My mother was (is) a rock star, seriously. That woman was so cool to watch growing up because she was given 34 hours worth of stuff to tackle in 24 hours AND she ALWAYS managed to make it 35 hours! Effortlessly, tirelessly, selflessly, she flowed through her days. Who knew as a pigtailed girl on my grandpas farm I would one day be facing my own 34 hours and crave so much to be her reflection.
That awesome sunrise was the start of my 34 hours. It's Maui, no I wasn't there, at 5am it was getting Masuda to the airport so he could be there for work at sunrise. From there I pretended to be my mother. She raised 3 girls and survived, girls are trouble if you ask me. The house was 3 sleeping boys when I got home from the airport, all needing to get up and around for school-3 different schools! Here is where I give MAJOR props to all the parents out there that have more than one child. THIS IS A WHOLE NEW WORLD FOR ME and I love what you all conquer in a day as today, I tasted your life!
After making the loudest blended smoothies ever (in hopes of waking them), some how 3 boys were ready and out the door for school in 29 minutes-flat! Boy 1 to middle school, boy 2 to high school, and boy 3 to elementary school (they all made it on time, barely). This momma took a deep breath, smiled pretty big because it's the best life I have EVER known to have this much love in my life!!Now off to tackle a fully loaded training day. I made swim squad with 2 minutes to spare! After the Tiger Shark roaming our shores at the moment, there was ZERO intention of being the bait. With Pete and Lieto in the mix I knew the front group would be 2 miles of ocean "racing", I wanted in on that so I wore tiny blue fins and raced along with them. Thankfully Robin lead the rest of the group safely through the shark zone to Kahaluu and back to Magics. As for the race, I'm pretty sure those boys would have had me singing Jaws theme song solo in the ocean without those blue-life-saving-fins!
This was the next view of my 34 hour day. I started my ride 9 minutes after the original goal (yes, I literally had to map out this day if I was going to be at all like my momma). It all worked out though, the headwind slowed me up and the tailwind helped me make up the difference x2 with enough time to land back to business a minute ahead of schedule!
It felt so good to be back on the bike, in the ocean to start the day, and prepared to run. 3 sports in a single day has been a while (other than race days), so this day had me fired up! The run was perfectly paced between the bike ride and Kindergarten pick up, where I finally sat still long enough to catch my breath and discover how ridiculous I look/am. Purple shoes, orange shorts, pink top, with coral reef colored nail polish! It may or may not have embarrassed Kainoa...
Family time was up next! Who am I kidding, the quick trip to my sisters was not totally to let our boys have some after school play time, I wanted to EAT! I cleaned out her fridge and with a face full of food it was off to the pool! During the keiki swim practice I discovered all the kids can do more, way more, push ups than me-including Kainoa! This was a smooth part of the day, ahh, catching my breath, girl talk on the bleachers, seeing my son so thrilled to swim, and of course trying to plan out dinner ideas!
The moment we got home I had one thing on my mind-garden! After sitting in soil, touching the Earth, and finding an entire head of Romain lettuce stolen from the garden, I was finally breathing like a normal human. Gardening makes me smile. AND look at this, pineapple mint! Not even kidding, this stuff tastes AWESOME as a dressing!! I'm still counting the days till we can make an entire meal from food grown by our own hands...
The day is not over yet, Kainoa is working on homework next to me, (we call writing you all my homework), together we tackle homework and stink like chlorine and swimbikerun! It's all good, it's just us tonight as the boys are with their mom and Masuda is on Maui. Not really a big fan of this chill evening, in fact I prefer all the boys chasing each other down the hall, picking on each other just because kids do that, and fussing over who knows what. Laughing, making giant dinners, and of course the quiet of all of us watching a movie while we all fall asleep youngest to oldest. This is such a good life, all 34 hours a day of it!
Okay, time to pack Kainoas lunch, prepare his breakfast for 6am swim squad, and get dinner on. If you girls with long hair wonder how I do it all without hair in my face, see above! Those are the BEST hair ties in the entire world! And you guessed it, Masuda gave them to me knowing if there is one thing that will hold me back from making my entire day happening, it would be hair in my face!
Thank you momma, you are such a rock star and these lessons in time management finally make sense!!


Lucy Francis said...

Loved reading about your jam packed day as I'm ready to face my own busy friday but i had to laugh when i saw the scrunchies. I use the same ones and have the 2 turquoise ones around my wrist always ready to leap into action. Have a great day :-)


Sounds like us... 3 boys... 3 schools.. non stop action... sometimes planning is thrown to the wind... but that's life..

JC said...

You are a ROCK STAR Momma! I hear you on getting everything ready the night before too - makes the mornings SO MUCH EASIER!