Sunday, March 18, 2012

REV3 Costa Rica...

Chances are you saw this photo already, but it deserves a replay as it was truly a highlight of my day. 5 cows cross the street and thankfully there is just enough time to dodge between cow 4 and cow 5. This momma almost brought beef home with the bacon...
Another REV3 race has successfully landed in the triathlon world as a favorite of mine, again. The crew does such a wonderful job of keeping the events athlete minded, athlete focused, and family functionable, (as this is another great destination to enjoy a race with family).
The alarm was set to go off 30 minutes before we planned to head to transition, that is the way I like it and usually do it. However, Jesse Thomas was making what smelled like breakfast fit for a king and woke the house up with amazing smells of just toast. That was at 3am or something like 2 hours before my alarm. I've never been up that early prerace but I went with it, I mean if the fast roomies do it maybe I should try it...
Malaika Homo and I ran to transition in the darkest dark you ever saw, like 3 miles later we safely land in transition and get the show on the road. I have always loved the vibe at REV3 events, its super mello despite having some fiesty competition. Of course 2 hours early leaves me missing a water bottle (which is VERY bad on a hot course like this for a big sweater like me). No worries, Teresa Nelso totally gives me her Power Perform filled water bottle! SUPER score of the day as she even lets me keep it! (Thanks TN). It truly saved me as I used both bottles on the bike and wanted a third in this heat.
After the bike was set it was time to get to the ocean. It looked beautiful, inviting even. I swam a full loop of the course, felt like swimming another as in the water is such a safe spot for me to avoid prerace jitters. I got out with about 3 minutes till start and had just enough time to find a spot on the line and wish the girls a great race. This was the first time meeting most the girls as a lot of short course girls I've never met/raced with until today, let me tell you, each of them were like new best friends and I was instantly put at ease.
3, 2, 1...SWIM! Not sure how but all those dolphin swim sessions back home landed me with some great dolphin dives and I actually was at the front of the swim till the first buoy! Then I was on the feet of the first 2 girls, literally out of breath trying to keep up, exploded pretty good, and almost fell on my face running through the sand for lap 2. I understand why ITU racing and I never happened in that first loop. Loop 2 was a little better as Malaika kept me company pulling the chase pack. Having her was good help keeping my focus and I was super thrilled with my swim this morning, I mean VERY happy to be where I was going on the bike...
The bike began with me catching my breath from the swim explosion. Top of the hill I was almost up front of the race and patiently moved to the front and found the cows. I felt really strong on the bike, not fast but strong. I could tell the running has helped my legs keep busy but taking a big bike break made the one-more-gear I wanted a bit challenging. Once up front though the smile just took over my face. Its such a cool feeling to be leading a race and feel strong doing it. The lead eventually ended near the end of the 24 miles and I was like 40 seconds off the bike behind the Nicole (race winner).
I knew Kate Major and some of the girls behind me could run so I called them all Kenyans and pretended I was back in Hapalua like last weekend and didnt want them to catch me. The chase game worked really good but it was not fast enough to catch Nicole and she outran me in convincing fashion, patiently waited at the finish line, and then Sarah Gray came in and us 3 celebrated with coconuts and soon after landed in ice bath tubs with the rest of the womens feild.
...Another load of beautiful moments have been lived out here in beautiful Costa Rica. These memories will forever be part of the many I have along the beaches in this part of the world. I am happy about this race, this trip, and of course happy that where I go next is my favorite spot on Earth-home.
I look really scared in my post race didn't miss much, it might have said, "WHAT A FUN DAY", that "HURT", Thank you REV3, Splish, Bike Works, Swift Carbon Bikes, Coach Steve & Coach Jimmy, Coconut Girls, Pearl Izumi, my awesome family, Kainoa,Masuda, and friends!!!

Race #3 is now in the books. Next stop, back yard local style racing at the Lavaman in 2 weeks! That means sleeping in my own bed, no travel, and no break in training...oh, bragging rights will of course be up for grabs with the local training buddies. Buenos noches mi amigos, gracias por TODO! I will be leaving for the aeropuerto at 3am so I should maybe pack and sleep real quick!!
Congrats again to everyone who raced today, we survived a scorcher of a race!! And of course all the girls in the race, awesome to meet you, be challenged by you, and glad we shared this day!
ps. Thank you for the photos Diego and Mauricio!


Monica said...

Congrats Bree! Omg, love that cow picture! Priceless! So glad you are off to a great season!

Shawna Barlette said...

Well done Bree! Congratulations!

Kelly said...

Congrats, Bree! I had fun following you yesterday!! So glad the trip was a success!!

vidarealtycr said...

All three congrats! You guys have done impressive piece of work by which all of you proves power to do remarkable job. Thanks!
Costa Rica <a

Christi said...

Bree I am so proud of you and your race accomplishments to date. You are rockin' this year and I am so glad I can watch it through the internet.

You go girl!

Tina Marie Parker said...

Great Race! See you in two weeks!

JC said...

Super Congrats Chica! And the cow pic is my fav race pic too date!

Kat said...

Yeeaaaayyyy! Way to go! Soooo happy for you!

Lucy Francis said...

Congratulations on your 2nd place Bree, next time it will be first. I expect to see that picture in triathlon magazines around the world. A great endorsment for muscle milk no? Get them to sponsor you :-)

Teresa said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah!!!!!!! So happy and cherish the time we got to spend together this trip! See you in June :)