Friday, May 4, 2012

Touch Down Tennessee...

After a long, but smooth trip over the Pacific and over the mainland I landed in Tennessee.  It is really, really pretty here.  The grass is the greenest I've ever seen in my life, the air is so fresh, and the town (despite how busy it is) is super clean.  I'm happy sport has landed me here and thankful to see a place in the world for the first time.  Homesick is lingering as usual, perhaps it always will when leaving home is a big part of this journey. 
I wrote Masuda last night from the airport asking for a pep talk, his are the best as he just knows my heart, and it summed up to this:  Remember you are living your life to the fullest, maybe not at home but on the road.  This feeling always passes as you get to your designation and enrich yourself in what you are there to do, immerse yourself in the life you have away from home and enjoy, we support you and will be here when you return.
That note was what I needed as I am always trying to live to the fullest, but of course tears of missing home, him, Kainoa always get me sad.  So, I'm away now and as he knows and wrote, now that I am here doing what I cam to do I'm okay.  In fact, dinner with the girls (Kate Major and Jessica Meyers) was perhaps just what I needed.  A little tri talk, girl talk, and some stuff in between Mexican food. 
It was the run though that had me most content, running anywhere on Earth always does that to me.  Anywhere running always feels the same and that brings me close to home even a million miles away.  Today the run was gorgeous.  We went to the river where the swim will be, the rainbow looking arch bridges over the river had my attention and captured some new smile in me.  The railroad tracks, the hills, the little towns and markets, I like it here...
...and then this shirt!  Before I left the joke about "The only ten i see" was on my mind and there it is!  That joke does in fact exist!  Beyond tired at the moment, tomorrow is instantly into bike ride, bike check, pro meeting, and a few other things, THEN the "NIGHT BEFORE" the race will arrive and before you know it another start line to something I truly enjoy awaits me!! 
Good night from Tennessee,


Lucy Francis said...

There's no place like home. I know what you mean.

the good thing is that Masuda will be looking after the boys and keeping the house/garden in tip top condition so you can concentrate on your race safe in the knowledge that when you get back to the island you just slot back in :-)
Take care on those busy roads. Ride defensively and always expect the worst form drivers (not indicating when pulling out and opening car doors unexpectedly)

Nick, Brooke ,Whistler said...

So you better get one of those shirts For Bron, you know if you don't she will have you giving up yours!! Haha
Have a great race tomorrow, remember to just breathe!!