Sunday, June 10, 2012

Bike, Run, Surf, Sunset...

Summer has been making some unreal sunsets on the island, the little bit longer days have created some extra salty, sandy, sun drenched moments.  3 days in a row, from 3 different (favorite) spots on the island I've watched the sun fade the day away...very thankful sums it up.
Friday evening we ran up Pu'u Wa'awa'a, that jello mold hill in the back ground. It is by far, far, far one of my most favorite runs.  It's only a 10 minute drive from my home so that makes it easy, it is the perfect grade to kick your okole if you want it too, you can run it or walk and feel the burn in your butt!  Coach gave me an hour run that evening so we made it take an hour can do it much slower by walking or faster by racing a friend. An hour is cruise pace for us and settled the score to make coach happy. 

From the top we landed the perfect sunset, froze (it's almost 7,000ft which is really tall for an ocean level girl like me), and then we went back down, that is hardly 30 minutes if you chase the sheep and goats.  Saturday my butt hurt worse than it did after Hawaii 70.3!  It was like a stair climbing exercise that would have made both Jane Fonda & Richard Simmons so proud of me!

Saturday was back on the bike for just shy of 4hrs. Just like a little girl in pig tails, my bike really is my Summer buddy that I enjoy being on everyday.  From there we landed at the beach for a salt bath.  I spent time thinking on my next race, at the moment I'm not in.  Japan 70.3 was next on my list and sadly my name never landed on the start list, after sorting it out the words "too late" came back in the email.  Not sure if that is some sort of sign that financially I just better stay put till the July 7th race or if it means fly over to the Texas or Canada race since both are on the same day as Japan.  I love Japan, I want to fingers are crossed for some kind of resolution. Toes are crossed too.  My attitude is trying to be a good sport just in case nothing works out, because sometimes things don't go the way we want. 

Today was back on the bike for 3.5 hours, I did the big hill loop.  Hill loop is my favorite solo ride, not to mention it takes me home through passing by Pu'u Wa'awa'a (where I snapped the jello photo).  Coach gave me a section to "work it" so I put myself in race-frame-of-mind.  It amazes me how I can train so focused and land in that racing mode with just an IPOD.  The search for that on race day is my Summer goal so I paid extra attention to how I landed so focused and the feelings that were parading within, I want to return to them on race day...

After the ride was a quick 30 minute run and I literally had a pain in my okole still lingering from Friday's run up a hill.  If that wasn't "race day practice on a training day" I have no idea what is!  I was put into "find a way" mode pretty quick and landed home 31 minutes later face first in eggs and everything else I could find to eat!

AND then...because it's Summer...we went to the beach till sunset, and surfed.  The waves were so beautiful.  The fun size, not too big that you have to worry you break any ribs, but not too small that you would rather read a book in the sand.  Some were taller than me and those had me all smiles, all shades of happy, and found me fully soaking up every good and perfect part of my day.  Lieto came out too, both of us called it swim practice for the day, and by the time the sunset my arms were equally as sore as my legs.  Being in the ocean with Masuda, the boys, and good friends set the last night of the week into pure harmony after a nice sized training weekend...

Happy Summer,


Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

Love all those smiling faces!

Lucy Francis said...

yeah Bree, stay on that beautiful island to enjoy a few more sunsets and sunrises and I'm sure the next race will be coming your way soon. I assume canada will be the full IM distance?
I may have said this before, but it's ironic how you live where the Wolrd champs is held and everyone is trying to get to but in order for you to qualify for it you have to go far away to do a race.

TanyaC said...

You inspire me beyond words!

It would be a dream to watch you race in person in TX. I'll be racing there too! I look at your pictures and think, 'how can I do that?'

I hope you don't think I'm a kook; just a huge fan of your sport and spirit!
Good luck whereever your feet land that day!