Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I learned...

In a single day I got to swim with a dog, dolphins, a manta, and someone my own size.  That same day Coach Steve invited me to sit in on a chat he was having with the swim squad a month out from their last BIG meet of the season.  Pep talks, motivational speeches, and moments of inspiration always come in handy for me, listening in was good for this momma...

You know what I learned?  Plenty.  In a nut shell, it summed up to the basics that as athletes, or just people wanting the most out of ourselves, little things really, are all it takes to make a bigger deal. Because I've got a bedtime story to read to a 5yr old I'll make this the short version of the chat.

  1. RESPECT.  Respect the people that are on the journey with you.  Coaches, team mates, yourself, parents.  He was talking (since most the team is young) about the sacrifices parents make to get their children to and from the pool everyday, the cost of being on the team, ect.  This totally goes for all of us, we are where we are in some (small or large part) thanks to those in our lives. Be sure to not waist their time or your own, be in it for them if that encourages you.
  2. BE THERE.  Motivation runs low from time to time, but if you are in the pool be in the pool.  Coach was talking about how some of the team skip laps, swim under the water and turn back, and all the sneaky things swimmers do in a lane full of swimmers. If you have to be at practice (of any swimbikerun) be at practice.  Just commit to the hour or 8 that you are there since you are out there anyways.
  3. ENJOY IT.  This time in your life will not last forever.  The team mates, the workouts, the camps, the meets, the opportunities, your health, will come and go.  We are so fortunate to be part of sport, it may not define us but it is a very cool part of who we are, embrace that.  These memories, these moments will last long after the training and races go.
  4. BE CHILDLIKE.  As the pep talk was going on the youngest swimmers were all jumping in, they show up to practice super early so they can play in the pool even before practice starts.  They want more water time, more swim time, more time with their team and coach.  They LOVE it.  The older swimmers show up with a million complaints, tired from school, tired of practice, tired of everything.  They dread getting in (not all of them), they get in late, show up late, find a reason to get out early.  Somewhere from our youth to adulthood we lose our passion for things in life, sport, love.  We have to find ways to keep it fresh.
  5. LOSE EXCUSES.  Whatever the excuse it, lose it.  We get in our own way, we have to get out of our way to become the best we can be.
I learned so much, it was cool to be the mom sitting on the bleachers with all the fastest swimmers in the state of Hawaii.  They have this opportunity now, I reminisced of my own youth and asked myself all the questions they were left to ponder on.  It really is never too late to start something, even being a better version of yourself.

Of course I landed home from that swim and run to discover my pineapple is finally making a big ol' pineapple! These things take 1-3 years to become "ready to eat", I'm telling you, going from the pep talk to the garden where I have been waiting a year for the pineapple, was so refreshing to see how sticking to the goals we hold are so, so worth it...

And with all Summers, training is taking on a bigger load.  Mine is Summer Slumber Parties.  Tonight is movie night for Kainoa and his buddy.  I'll find time to chill out when he's 18...

Good night from a very, very sleep me.


Bre said...

I still love sitting in on my old swim coaches pep talks too. My favoourite one is be childlike, so true and such good advice.
I loved seeing all the dogs swimming at the beach when I was there- I so wanted to "borrow" one for my swims- specifically a German Shepherd named Dylan. Dolphin photo is so cool- not sure I'd like to be that close to one quite yet, but the idea of it is slowly growing on me. Maybe next year!
Happy training & slumber partying!

Teresa said...

I love this talk...I needed this!! Love the inspiration and little reminds, so little, but so big at the same time!
Got a cute pic of us at Honu I will post soon!



Lucy Francis said...

I sometimes hear the coach from our top squad (fast kids) giving them a pep talk and find myself thinking we adults should have one too as we've forgotten how to keep it simple and some moral values may have got lost over the years.
Happy Friday Bree

Kim said...

What a great reminder for all of us! Thanks Bree! Needed that! Have a wonderful day!

Furacán said...

Very useful! Thanks a lot.
A big hug from Spain.