Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Without a doubt the day began near perfect, the market.  One of the things I appreciate most about a simple life, on an island, is good food at good prices.  Today had me beaming at the papayas, 9 for $2.00.  Other than free from the neighbors tree, this was enough to set my day into motion-happy.

From there it was run squad, without a doubt yesterday does not count with this crew, it is "whatever you have, bring".  I need that, it is so good to just dig in without having a list of buts, but this and but that.  Not to mention the effort here always throws me into that deep spot in a race where you have 2 choices, hang on or let go.  Practicing it race day is never enough, learning to welcome and embrace it here has been something worth wild for me...
 Recovery swim, it was right about here that my legs really wanted to just go home and chill out, eat, maybe even sleep. Then the dolphins swam underneath and there was no place I'd rather be...
 Onto the bike was next. This time the idea of going home to chill out my legs did not entertain me.  I am so blessed to have this as my work, I love it, all of it, and despite any lingering fatigue a couch is never more fun to me.  Wind blown, sun drenched, maybe even overly full from eating on the go, I was in the moment and thankful.  Of course it did get better when I met up with Andrea out on the HWY, a little girl talk never hurts.  After waving bye to each other it was back to business, just clinging to my goals...

On the way to swim practice, yes one more swim (in the pool this time), my little sister sent the above photo.  She has made it on bike, from one state to another!  Totally inspired, I let go of the craving to feel pooped, tired, worn thin, and just shook my head at her photo.  She is seriously riding bike every single day for 3 months all the way to Florida!  How on Earth can I feel anything remotely close to tired after her daily dose of "I am riding, again and again everyday!".

It took over half the practice to feel decent.  Going behind 3 bigger men helped with the draft for sure. But of course, as the finish gets closer, the guts and balls grow.  Somewhere deep within there was a small, quiet part of me that wanted to know the feeling from the hard run this morning.  The one where you get into race mode and have that choice presented to you:  "Hang on or let go".  I hung onto the best of me and landed in a world of hurt, discomfort, and sheer satisfaction for literally giving it all, all day long...

“You've got to think about 'big things' while you're doing small things, so that all the small things go in the right direction.”  Alvin Toffler

Good night,


Bre said...

Mmm Hawaiian papayas...they don't taste the same back here in Canada!
I think I'm in love with that quote- amazing! Your blog is always gives such great perspective on life and training.

Christine said...

I love how colourful your kits always are! No boring black for you... I'll strive to copy you!

Lucy Francis said...

What a great training day! here papayas are £1,50 each and they're tiny :-(
SO pleased that your sisters bike adventure is going well. what a way to see the country!
Idaho! check

D said...

Hi Bree. I have been following your blog for several years now. It has really helped with motivation in my early triathlon career.

This coming weekend I will be competing in my first 70.3. This race has a mass swim start, which I have never experienced before. I am a strong swimmer but am growing nervous about the mass start.

Do you have any suggestions or tips for the mass swim start? Warnings or cautions? Any recommendations on where to place myself?


PS. Apologies for posting this in the comments however I wasn't able to get it to go through in the "contact bree" section.