Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Portland TOMORROW!

Happy 4th of July, on a plane!  Amongst the stars will be the sparkle and shine tomorrow's holiday will roll in for this momma, I am thrilled to head out to another race.  As of 3 hours ago the bike and clothes have been packed, the final touches on any planning have been made, and Kainoa is safe and happy at his dads! Last up-get tomorrow lined up!

The usual 8am run squad with Sal's crew will be exchanged for 8am ocean swim with Kona Aquatics, nice call, right?  My thoughts are better to fly after a swim than a run, not to mention some salty ocean makes those flights over the ocean way more bearable!  AND a final prerace swim without a wetsuit sounds lovely!  After that, directly to the airport, landing in Portland at midnight!  Life on an island really makes for a loooooooooong travel day, but so worth it...

My plan of attack for this race is to get out of my head, just let my body that has done all the training and my heart that has loved all the training, do the work.  Sounds good to me.  I love racing, I love Portland & the REV3 crew, I love getting in the hurt box and searching ways out, I love setting goals and working for them, I love the challenges presented during 70.3 miles, I love digging deep to bring out the best in me, and I am not afraid to believe in a good result.  Humbled?  I've been there before too, so going for something you want is always worth it. 

Last Sunday was the Hapuna Roughwater Swim and a much appreciated ocean challenge. The thought of using a wetsuit to actually practice in one for Portland crossed my mind, then went right out the window when the sun rose and heater turned on.  This race happens every year and is sort of an indicator race of my swim for me.  Of course conditions always vary with the winds and chop, but its always the same buoys anchored in the same spot.  I like my swim right now, but what I loved at the race was the lack of anxiety, the dealing with butterflies, and of course the amazing high school swimmers that push me to betterness every single time!  Not to mention they are sure to remind me open water swimming DOES NOT have lane lines and everything goes...welcome to triathlon swims.

And now for the workout that I am most excited to carry into the race: 30x100 mostly IM with 5 of the best high school swimmers in our state, Cara, Leahi, and Kelly shown above. I know, how is THAT going to help in the triathlon?  I'll tell you.  Yesterday the girls showed up to masters and took over a lane to do IM while our adult team does Free in all the other lanes. Coach (I think joking) asked if anyone wanted to join them, because who other than a high school swimmer made to do that is going to actually do that.  Without hesitation, I said ME!!!  Not really because it sounded fun or anything, but they are the best in our state and I'm learning that it takes getting out of your comfort zone to get any better, so I jumped into the 18 and under lane.  Swims with them are very far out of my comfort zone and frequently see me humbled. 

The first 100 fly went well actually, the word COMMIT was my mantra.  Over and over I reminded myself to commit to the set and work as hard as the girls.  It worked wonders, because like all things you have to work extra hard for, the finish always feels better than when it's just handed to you...

Time for some more hard work, next stop Portland!


marian said...

welcome to portland!
have fun at rev 3 and go fast!
i will be cheering for you.

JC said...

Go Kick some BOOTAY this weekend Chica!
I love Wendy's "photo faces" - I don't know her, but she makes me smile:)
Swimbikerun FAST!

Lucy Francis said...

By now you should be in Portland and I hope you've had a good flight and that the weather is toasty in the mainland. My jaw dropped when I read 30 x 100 IM's. that would have me running a mile away form that lane. It's the bleaming breaststroke that does it for me.I bet great breastrokers are great st IM's as well.
You're going to have a great race, the training went well and the planets are alined :-) Go Bree!