Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Life. Love. Sport.

Monday I was riding my bike when the usual flood of "what seem like important life questions", invaded my solitude with the sun soaked Queen K. The who, the what, the where, the when, the why, the how-those ones.  And with that I was on a plane.  No, I didn't run away from home like the time I was 15 or something, I just cashed in my free flight to another island while Kainoa is at his dads.  Why not? And because I needed to see my best friend...that's what a girl like me does.  I just follow my dreams and my heart and some how that makes life feel sweet (and work) for me.

With my run shoes and a couple sports bras I was off to Maui.  20 minutes over the Pacific Ocean later, I landed at Masudas job site, a complete "surprise" to him (and me too), and there you have it.  Just like that the who, what, when, where, why, and hows of life faded away and there stood the man of my dreams, my run shoes, and a beautiful island with nothing to do but run till Wednesday when I needed to get Kainoa from school.  You see, when you are blessed with a very wild for life heart like mine you land in trouble some days and paradise other days...PS there was trouble in Maui, I collided with a car (I'm not calling it a crash, but it was an accident).
 Monday night we drove up to the top of the island and watched the sunset.  I did that thing girls do, make wishes on stars, plan up all sorts of dreams, sit back and appreciate the life you've been blessed with, and of course hold hands and smile that massive smile that happens only when life feels as if it is going according to plan.  Of course the desire for socks and more warm clothes lingered too, so back in the car and down to sea level we went, singing songs on the radio like teenagers do.  Gosh I hope to never loose my passion for life, that was a good night.
Tuesday was quickly off to work for Masuda and eagerly into run shoes for me.  I could hardly wait to run along Maui's coast.  It always invigorates me to run in places other than home.  I got lost, jumped a fence, had cows moo at me till I about wet my pants in fear of a stampede, had a monster truck hunt me down in his sugar cane field but let me run anyway if I don't take anything, and then I felt so humbled.  I went up and down the hills of 3 winding valleys, it was perfection, it was everything I ever wanted to see on a Tuesday run.  I ran 17 miles like that and never stopped smiling. 

You know, life is pretty cool like that, new views and new appreciation around every corner.  Of course it was easy to discover in a place like Maui. That run went in the bank for Kentucky, yes Ironman Louisville.  It was my longest run of the season and truthfully my long rides aren't much longer, but I'm going anyway, going to tackle an Ironman because I love the distance and want to race another race. So there you have it.  And recovery after that run???  A ball game!  From run to Masudas ball game where I became the number one cheerleader in the bleachers, you know it was time for me to cheer him on swinging a bat since he has cheered me on through this sport life...

Maui was a very quick trip, (not just because the flight was like 20 minutes), I'm home now focusing on the next trip-a 15 hour journey to Kentucky next week.  After that I can honestly say I'm not exactly sure the who, what, where, when, why, or hows.  I just know if those questions come knocking I'll be just fine...

Aloha ahiahi,



Take that Phillipines attitude into Kentucky and I think we have some results more magical than the 2010 3rd place in store...


Lucy Francis said...

Bree I laughed out loud when I read your running adventure running away form cows and farmers :-) i bet that added some threshold intervals to your pace eh?! :-)
It sounds like the collision with teh car didn't harm you but it is never nice.
go where your heart takes you and enjoy life. that's all we can do.
So chuffed for you that you're doing Louisville.
come ride with me tomorrow to Royal Windsor castle :-)