Friday, August 17, 2012

Post Cards From Kentucky...

We are not in Kentucky yet, this time next week we will be!  That is right, as of today BOTH Kainoa and I will return to Kentucky for 140.6 miles of Louisville fun, (round 3 in the bluegrass state, baby!).  I say "fun" in so many ways, the challenge, the respect to the distance, and I like swimbikerun-ing.  Kainoa is ready too...his grandma will be there to pal around with him!  Kainoa is older now, so I hope this year he won't sit on my lap all 15 hour flight, but we can still share the same IPOD...
Yes, I LOVE the swim!  My top 3 reasons:

1.  It's warm
2.  It's warm
3.  It's warm

AS for the sea creatures and clarity of the water, not so much.  But it is warm and it's not everyday a girl from an island can say, "Today I swam in the Ohio River". 
The bike is a favorite on mine.  It always makes me feel like a little girl on my grandpa's farm!  Horses everywhere, barns, tractors, green grass, farmers, cows.  It's just awesome to feel young again even if only by memories.  PS-the bike is warm too.
...and the run.  This is my favorite photo of the run course.  I love running over that bridge, maybe running in places so different than home bring upon an entirely new sense of motivation.  With my 17 miler in the bank Tuesday (and nothing more all year long) it is a very good thing I like running in Kentucky, because I'll be out there for another 9.2. 

I have some of the best memories on this run course.  A few moments of struggle, fight the mental battle, win the battle.  A few barf sessions in bushes, a couple ladies getting out of random homes from rendezvous the night before, some very good cheer leading drunk men on the corner, and of course getting to see Kainoa and my parents out here in previous years.
 This is my "almost there" spot each's not even that close to the finish, but for some reason it's all I remember before the finish line.  Maybe I'm in survival mode and delirious after this turn. 
And the finish line!  What a party, a total celebration that place is.  With the packing begun, the training winding down, and excitement that I get to race another race this month, of course I am counting blessings!  First, that Kainoa is along for the ride, (thanks to my dad for that help!!). Thanks to my dear friend Vicki for sharing some airline miles, my mother for coming to help watch Kainoa for 140.6 miles, and of course my crazy, beautiful heart that yet again, saw a good thing and went after it pulling me along for the journey...

Have a good weekend!


Lucy Francis said...

You're selling me this race. I want to do it too. Is it going to be non wetsuit?
Only had my first race in the USA this year.Everyone was so friendly and welcoming and we had sheriffs with cowboy hats instead of police at junctions. I felt I was on a movie set!
American people are lovely

Christi said...

This race is on my list of to-dos!

Nick, Brooke ,Whistler said...

Wahoo breezy... we are soo excited you are going back to Kentucky and with Kainoa. Have fun packing and prepping!! We are in Panama city right now, thought of you while biking today!
You'd love our bike tan lines we are sporting!!
Have fun, hug Kainoa from Whistler...

Beth said...

Have an awesome race Bree!! And enjoy the trip with Kainoa!! Will be cheering for you!

Dawn said...

Excited for you and your next race!! Sounds like another beautiful trip ~ will be cheering for you too! Enjoy your special time w/Kainoa... And kick some booty! ;)