Thursday, August 9, 2012

Talking about Happy...

One of my favorite parts of having Kainoa is our talks.  Perhaps it is the unknown that protects children from really knowing some of the unnecessary stuff that makes life feel anything less than it is. On our little stroll to the beach I asked him, "Kainoa, are you happy?"  Of course he tells me, "Yep!".  So I ask, "What makes you happy?"  He simply makes a list:

Walking with you mom
The beach
When we hold hands
Sometimes when the waves are big
Riding bike on the new road
Jamba Juice
A little jog

"You know mom, those things are the things that make me happy.  Now you make a list, it can be really long.", he tells me.  I begin to say a couple things and the more and more I say the happier and happier I became.  I think it's true, the things we focus on take over.  We kept trading turns saying a thing or two that makes us happy, by the time we got to the edge of the rocks our list had become pretty enormous and I forgot what mood I must have been in that needed me to ask a 6yr old for advice on happy.  Then, he says, "I change my mind, I'm actually awesome, not just happy"...

6yr olds might be the smartest people on Earth.


Alex said...

Love the list. That's amazing. =)

Dawn said...

Love this! ;) That is awesome. I have a 7 year old little guy... and I treasure our chats too. Just wish they would stay this age a little longer! :)

Nick, Brooke ,Whistler said...

Whistler and I already have little conversations too. I love them!
Hugs to you guys!

Lucy Francis said...

I do think a lot of when I was a kid without a care/fear in the world. Everything seemed possible and life so much simpler. I try to remember that when I'm going through a difficult period. :-) when did it all become too complicated?