Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Travel at 6...

When you are 6, your packing list for 15 hours of travel is very important, as Kainoa has taught me.  Some things are mandatory, like reading, "You have to, the teacher said".  And a hat, "Mom you said we never leave the house without a hat".  Of course you can't possibly bring the kitchen so snacks are a must.  Colors so we can draw, (and watch them roll all over the aisles of the airplane), have to be packed too.

Kainoa was in charge of his own packing this trip.  If he is shirtless and underwearless all week long in Kentucky that is because he packed, in Hawaii he never wears shirts or underwear.  If by chance he has one slipper and one shoe, that was his doing, I'm also guessing he will be in the same shorts at least 3x.  It is a "learning adventure" for the 6yr old...

The day before race travel I'm usually feeling the homesick just about to kick in.  This time I'm just excited to go, with Kainoa it's as if a part of home is coming with me.  He remembers everything from our last Ironman Louisville.  He's been nonstop talking about horses, trolley rides, the lights and the streets with bricks.  He of course is so excited for the elevator and the Ohio River too. 
As for me, my legs still feel pretty tired. I was hoping by this time in the week they would be "ready to go".  I'm not stressing it or anything, in fact today I was spoiled like a princess!  The Coconut Girls gave me the "Blue Hawaii" treatment!  It's a must if you ever visit the Big Island!  It goes something like this:

-light, flushing massage
-Coconut oil infused with Hawaiian sea salt right from our ocean rubbed into your skin
-roll off the table and into a hot tub with blue lights and more "ocean potion". 
-let the tub do the magic as the oils, salts, heat, flush out toxins
-Sit in the tub while getting a head/scalp massage
-Hair coconut oiled/conditioned
-legs and arms rubbed out again

It was like nothing that has ever happened to me in a massage. I've never been to a spa or been pampered like that, of course it had me feeling like a new woman when I left. Tomorrow, time to fly and I'm very ready to go for 140.6 miles.  There is something so beautiful about that distance, maybe it's the challenge, the respect to go that long, or the appreciation that my body is healthy enough to do it.  Either way, I love it and will most likely enjoy it...



JC said...

I love that go with the flow for Kainoa for his packing, I bet he felt so great about doing it all himself. AND, I love for you the spa treatment:) Go kick some Bootay - Chica!

Lucy Francis said...

ah-ah! he's packed light and is taking what's important to him. I wish I coudl travel light.
Oh and that coconut rub sounds wonderful.
If I ever visit your island I must book an appointment :-)

Dawn said...

If we were Facebook friends, I'd click on "like". :) So cute w/Kainoa packing! Love that spa treatment, sounds heavenly... I try a few of those treatemts throughout the year, always makes me feel new again after racing. Sounds like you are ready to go! Have fun and race hard!! ;)