Thursday, September 6, 2012

...and then there was the beach.

 "It's important to move forward girl even when you see the sky's are rolling".  It's a line from a new favorite song of mine.  "I love the morning sun you give back to me", I like that line too.  And then when he sings, " Fit together like the stars, let's wrap them up and make 'em, ours, I just want to see you laughing and be free", I get really giddy-like a school girl.  I played this song 92 times over today, because it fit today. I've officially decided a few important things:

1.  Cling (tightly) to the good people in your life.
2.  When your intentions are pure there is no going wrong even if things go wrong
3.  Take a chance on something new
4.  Be excited, expect it to work (too many times we fear just in case we get let down)

I did that thing I do, went back to YWAM and looked at classes, looked at books, almost bought books.  Driving past the bikini shop I remembered saying to myself (in a lackadaisical kind of way), if I ever win a big race I'm buying any suit I want in there without checking the price tag!  My truck kept on driving, bought lunch for someone other than myself instead.  You guys, I am craving another mission trip!  It happened out surfing Sunday, a friend of mine paddled over and told me one of the guys I took a trip with a few years ago is coming back into town to organize one.  Of course I wanted in on that straight away. But who knows...I always get fired up (easily) in this life.  Passionate, of course, deeply to be exact.  And then I heard some voices of the high school friends from 1998 in my head, "why do you gotta go somewhere to help people when people next door need help, actually Bree you need help", then we laugh.  I love those friends, maybe even if I think they are wrong but right...

That has little or nothing to do with triathlon, I know, it's on my mind though (during bike rides).  The picture below has to do with sport because I  found it on my swim. The collector urchin, what a face, check him out below...
 I'm not exactly sure if he is smiling or frowning at me.  That is how all of today was, not sure if all the things I was doing were good or bad, right or wrong, making me stronger or more fatigued.  Then and there I was sure that if intentions are good all is good...

We of course landed at the beach for sunset, consider that an entire day outside! Tomorrow will be more exciting, honest.  My friend is plugging in some needles (I LOVE actupunture).  And... then some running!  My heart is CRAVING a good run, the legs....not as much yet.



JC said...

I think he's making a "silly" face at you! You are such a beautiful person. Great pics, and the Dude is getting so big - STOP feeding him lol! Happy weekend Chica!

Lucy Francis said...

Who knew? Urchins
have feelings too and little faces!
Whatever you choose to do will be with the best of intentions.

Christy said...

oh, that's cool!!! I just caught up on positive blogs I like. You won Louisville. And, you posted pictures of my favorite bridge. Thank you. Haven't seen it in a couple of years. Happy for you.