Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Peek at Thursday....

Today I discovered, it takes very little to make it through a long day.  Most days begin at 5:30 wake up, out the door to 1st grade drop off by 7 (unless 6am swim practice happens), and land home about 4:30 after Kainoa's swim (unless 6pm swim practice happens).  Between out the door and in the door, with sport, life, work, motherhood,  I've discovered everyday is like a "much easier" Ironman.  My emergency bag is also way more fun than a few gels and more socks!

Not that you asked, but Ill show you what was in my bag today and typical of everyday...

1  Salted Magazine (or any book), a must for sitting on the bleachers during kid swim
2  Tiger Balm, something always wants a rub down
3  Emergency Iron, for the days I think I might faint and its happened
4  Papaya money, 9 for $2
5  Sunscreen
6  Markers or pens, I like to write a lot
7  Snacks for me (or Kainoa) and water

 With only a few remnants of Ironman around town, I've soaked up every last drop of training company possible.  Today was a ride with the UK crew.  We took the beautiful, much enjoyed, scenic route up and over the hills and through coffee fields.  They enjoyed it more than Queen K and I was just so happy having company...tomorrow they leave and then it really will be back to a quite town...

 I've also discovered Instagram takes up roughly 6 minutes of my day!  A few seconds here and there, Wendy busting me in full "Instagram action" adds up to 6 good minutes of entertainment more fun than chick magazines and reality TV.  Maybe because its a mix of pictures and friends, not sure exactly, but today I really liked it and hope the "hooked" feeling I have wears off soon...

Aloha ahiahi!!


Lucy Francis said...

ah-ah that got me thinking, what's in my back pockets before a long ride or what do I put in my bag before going to work (needs a good clearout to be honest, lots of rubbish in there)
So cool that you've riden with some UK riders and I bet they didn't complain about the weather either :-)

Tina Marie Parker said...

Kainoa looks really big in this pic. Did you see the You Tube video that the guy did for his son's 21's b-day? It went from baby to 21 in 6 mins. Imagine what you could do with your pics and not only Kainoa's. Just an idea. You live in the perfect place!

Andi Anderson said...

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