Monday, October 22, 2012

Finally landed a good Monday!  Usually Cindy Lauper and I sing that "Manic Monday" song together every Monday, today I forgot that song even exists!  Determination was the word for the day, determined to be happy all day long.  Swim practice began with me in a funk, coach asked if I'm all good, a friend asked too, and of course I said, "Yeah, awesome"...but it was one of those Mondays.

Fighting water, fighting myself.  On a hot round of 20x75's I did that thing you sometimes want to do in the pool, "ughhhhhhhhhhh, 17 more!"  Then I smacked myself silly, asked Jordan who was leading if I can leave on his feet (hes way faster than me) and decided I better make something of the workout, chasing feet would help my brain work and not slack...I almost drowned. Like a girl on a mission determination took over.

Then I got an idea after taking Kainoa to school...

Swap up the tri bike for the mountain bike.  The race director for TriLanai happened to of entered me in his race next weekend (an off road one) and I have not been on a mountain bike since October 2005 when I flew over the handle bars in Maui and landed in the hospital only to find out I was pregnant not dying.  Back to the bike.  Kawika let me borrow his mountain bike, we found one of my favorite hills,we went up then down it. I may have actually just fallen down it...

 The flat parts, the grassy parts, and the non-lava rock with big chunks wanting to kill me, I am really good at!  It's all the other parts that I pretty much stink at.  Not to mention I ran up the hill in one spot pushing the bike faster than I did trying to ride it while falling over backwards.  SO yeah, it was a comedy.  Next weekend will be too.  The swim and run part I can handle.  It's the bike part that I'm surprised they are even letting me be part of.  I want elbow, knee, and other parts of my body covered in pillows!  All in all, any reason to land on the island of Lanai is a good one, even if it means there is a chance of coming home bruised and bloody...
Not that surviving the down hill sent me into a frenzy to thank my lucky stars or anything, but I was even more determined to keep enjoying the day.  I mean, that hill was incredibly fun on a bike, in fact I want to do it again sooner than later! My attitude snapped right into place and I was on the run.

2 hours of run later, landing here:

Aloha ahiahi :)

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Lucy Francis said...

OMG! she's doing XTERRA now! :-)

Those downhills would just scare me. stay safe and yes! wear a "duvet" to protect your limbs.