Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Finally we picked everything out of garden #2 and put a bunch of seeds in the bed!  My excitement is beaming (just wait till you see my face).  As soon as the seeds sprout my hands are trying to pick them right up, forever a kid at heart!! Check gardening off the to-do list with a smile on my face...
As for other picks, maybe the picks you triathlete peeps get a kick out of, my Kona picks are in.  This is not a favorite game of mine, I feel bad.  In Kentucky I was picked 4th, in Cozumel I was picked 16th out of 19th, it's just not fun having a number next to your name that someone else is choosing for you. (Unless you are the type that it riles you up and you use it as fuel).  Around here everyone is playing the picks game, it is the buzz in the bike shop, at the pool, near the ocean, in the magazines, with training partners, and amongst the athletes themselves.  Seriously, I heard it myself, a few pro girls calling out their position and a couple guys ranking each other.  My conclusion, this is a sport and in sports, we all have our picks.  My picks happened today on the bike ride.
Not trying to be a name dropper, but I am in this sentence, Macca asked me during the middle of the ride who were my girl picks.  My #1 came easy.  Number 2 and 3 were not far behind but I was not clearly sure because what do I know and who do I know.  I told him, Steffen, Cave, then Rinny.  I'm pretty happy with my #1 and #2, maybe because I really like those girls as much as their talents.  But I was going to toss an underdog in #3, I'm a huge Snow and Kessler fan and truthfully it would make me jump out of my seat to see Natascha back on top... but then again, what do I know...I'll just watch it all unfold and cheer.  AS for the men, Macca gave me his low down, I listened, then I did what all the island girls that ever swam, bike, or ran with him here in Kona... I put my $$ back on him, he is on the island a lot cruising around pretty friendly with everyone here, so even when he is 70 I will still pick him.  I like Pete, Bink, Potts, and it would be cool to see Luke up there too.  Next Saturday the sport will happen and I am excited to see all the men and women, pro and not pro, having a race to remember. 

Today I got sad again to not be racing, but I'm doing better than ever about it.  Maybe because this year I'm letting myself just stay focused on what I do have going on and I'm jumping into the fun of it rather than hiding...

Okay, back to dishes, NIGHT!!



Kathy said...

I can feel your love for the Kona race in your words and can only know that your day will come again. have a great week!


It has to be great to have a front row seat!!! So when you mentioned on FB you rode with the next champ, you weren't talking Lew... he still is my 80+ pick..

Lucy Francis said...

Hey Bree, the picks are harmless fun and a sign that people love this sport. they doit for Soccer and other sports too. so here are my picks:
1- Caroline teffen
2- Mary beth ellis
3- Rachel joyce (my ex club mate)

1- Macca
3-Jordan Rapp

Bree come race day I'll be sad too to not be racing there. Let's both have a cry and then pick ourselves up and plan our tactics for next year. :-)