Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Today was so awesome, can you tell I was like a kid on Halloween?!  Big smiles, big happy, it was a sweet day!  Today was the Kahakai Keiki Triathlon, a day to really help the youth of Hawaii have some time submersed in sport.  Kids raced, kids fell over, kids began to walk, but everyone of them loved it!  If you ask me, this is where it all begins, right now in their young ignite dreams and encourage goals. 
 High fiving Kainoa :)
Then it got tricky...

Halloween!  Kainoa still had yet to decide on a costume, when he announced it would be cool to be grapes.  Instant flash back of my costume as a 6yr old!  My mother put us into giant clear garbage bags and filled the garbage bag with all colors of balloons, calling us "jars of jelly beans".  So... I safety pinned balloons all over Kainoa and he was indeed a bunch of grapes!  It was perhaps brilliant until the kids with swords began popping him.  It was also perfect as a squad of children ran from house to house, I was certain my child would survive the tumbles and falls over each other being a life size pillow cushion! Being grapes might be the most fun $1.50 on a bag of balloons ever got us!

The evening wrapped up with a glow stick busting open.  Above is Kainoa.  That is indeed him from with particles of glow from head to toe!  I feel sick now, everyone does in our group, too much candy is possible!  Now, let the fun begin...officially I'll begin the count down to Christmas! 



Lucy Francis said...

Honestly! A bunch of grapes! That's so clever but I can't stop laughing just thinking of the other kids trying to pop the ballons. I hope Kainoa had fun too :-)

Dawn said...

Aww, such a cute idea for a costume! And love, love seeing kids competing in a race... "This is where it all begins, right now in their young ignite dreams and encourage goals." That is awesome, totally agree!!!... and love all your smiles, Bree! :)