Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Flip Turns...

Today's big adventure was flip turns.  The youth swim team is learning them this week and just about every swimmer had me in tears of laughter today!  I really wanted to jump in and show them my awesome water ballet moves, but what do I know?  In fact, by the end of the practice they once again, taught me some life lessons all because of their "learning to flip turn".

Keep your focus forward
When you find yourself upside down take in the view, you might see the unexpected
Just breathe
No matter how deep you find yourself you aren't going to drown
It's okay to hit a wall
Trying new things are really fun
Sometimes you have to kick your @$$ off
Keep your pants on, if they do come off be okay with getting laughed at
If you hit the bottom push off and shoot up bravely
Just love it
Not all the cool kids wear goggles
Flip with a buddy, it's even more fun


Lynn Kirchhoff said...

You are never too old to learn a flip turn. After several years of swimming and in my mid 50s, I finally learned! So fun!

Lucy Francis said...

It took me a while to get confortable doing them as well :-) and yes what a metaphor for life!

Tri Mum said...

I am 42 years old and still trying to master flip turns. Good post.