Monday, November 12, 2012

How To Be Awesome At Sport and Life...

Once again a children's swim meet has landed me at the top of "Motivation" for all things: Life, love, and sport.  I suppose when you are young, fearlessness and passion play a gigantic role in who you are and how you tackle what you do.  Saturday at the keiki swim meet I took notes and am happy to share, just in case you have grown up too much to remember the part of you that used to attack life with less fear and more passion.

1.  Have a lot of confidence.  Just believe it, just try it, just do it.  And if you want, sharpie marker on your body (or get a tattoo) of what you really believe in.  You know, like telling others to eat your bubbles!
 2.  Dive right in!  Life is so short there is absolutely no sense in waiting for the "easy", or when things make sense.  Chances are things might never make sense and you miss an opportunity.  Let go of the fear of falling in love, taking a new job, trying a new hobbie, or cutting your hair.  You might or might not have a great dive into what you want (see above), but you will certainly never regret diving in!
 3.  Surround yourself with good people!  Those that support you, believe in you, take good care of you, and make you happy are so worth spending time with.  It is always okay to have fun, enjoy yourself, and not take yourself seriously 24/7.  It is also okay to be who you are...
 4.  Eat what you like, dress how you like, listen to the music you like.  The children were SO AWESOME this weekend!  They had the best time at their meet because they were all so full of life.  And what is living life when told to me by an 8 year old?  It is when you do the things that make you happy, like hamburgers.
It was a very full weekend of training and yard work,  I decided to share with you the most pretty parts just above...  AND, our home is Christmasy with the holiday plan in place (I'll share that later as I have a race to focus on before I can dive into the super fun snowy adventure!).  Maybe Thanksgiving needs to happen first, too. But I can hardly resist Christmas, so one more thing:
My friend makes the BEST Hawaiian jewelry ever!  You have to check out her stuff and if you are a man, buy something pretty for your girl!  She will feel like a mermaid :)  Here is the link, start your Christmas shopping! Adorned by the sea.

Happy Holidays!


Tawnee Prazak, M.S., CSCS said...

Great blog & I LOVE those earrings. Might have to buy myself an early xmas present :)

Tawnee Prazak, M.S., CSCS said...

Annnnnd, I just bought three things from your friend. Thanks again for sharing!!!

Lucy Francis said...

This morning my lane was full of kids from the development squad so this post made me smile. They made me suffer!
Xmas already???? Can't believe it's just around the corner. Phew

Dawn said...

Such a neat blog and beautiful pics! Love the Nemo saying, too cute!! Will have to check out your friend's jewelry, thx for sharing. ;)