Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Monday began what I believe will be a really good week of training, today proved true, too.  I plan to put my head down like a horse just driving forward, with of course blinders on so I don't get caught up in the left and right of stuff n' fluff.

It started with a beautiful sunrise, rolled into a 10 mile building into "faster than goal pace" run, then high school swimming.  That was the "hold tuff" part.  2 hours with the youth was more than I bargained for but better then I would ever accomplish in a pool on my own.  Just to let you know they are fierce, we did a 900 fly in the midst of it all and I was drafting a 12 year old that thought it was easy.   They say to have me at practice with them is motivating, truth be told they motivate me!
I reread old journals too.  It is so incredibly freeing to read thoughts poured out or dreams written down from whenever ago, to relive them is to put them back into motion or keep them going.  So I did that, read notes from high school, it reignited a few little things and made me wake up "fired up for Tuesday"

It was back into the swim, this time recovery in the ocean with the girls.
And then the bike.  The Waimea loop to be exact.  It's a real strong ride as the winds are like hills on top of the hill you are riding.  The 85 miles can take 4:30 chasing the strong guys or longer if Pele tosses her cookies at us.  Today she did just a little and we landed 5:05, but I loved it!  My legs haven't burned that long in a while, my heart hasn't been stopped like that for too long to remember, and my lungs haven't gasped for breath on the bike since oh, Trilanai.  You get the point, it was good for me...

Not to mention, Waimea loop passes the best fruit stands!  Tomorrow will be more of the same because a race is on the horizon!  A start line to Ironman Oz next month is the goal.  No, Ironman Cozumel and Ironman Florida (my usual races) will/did not happen.  Nor did REV3 Florida and Lavaman Keahou will not either, bumming on that as my backyard race has a prize purse this year!  And Ironman AZ where my friend Dan has me convinced to go will not either, but OZ will.  What's the twist up?  Since USAT said they will publish it in the next issue of their magazine it is not a secret, but I did receive a fine and a 6wk suspension from USAT events until after December 2nd for my expired membership card.  My fingers are not pointing in any direction or placing blame anywhere.  I do take responsibility for not looking out for myself and USAT wants to use my situation to make athletes more aware of membership requirements, fine with me if I can save anyone from this mess.  Example, pros are not allowed to pay a one-day fee of $12 like amateurs if your card is not current.  Anyways, I don't want to talk anymore about that.  Since July in Portland when I was pulled from the event it has been a very long nightmare for me and just recently it has felt like I am breathing again...

Time for this girl to keep believing in all the good things that make up life, love, and sport!
Happy training!



Maggs said...

Do Melborne instead of IM OZ :-) sorry to hear about the rest of the races not working out for you.

Adrian said...

Great you will be in Busselton, i will be there too! Hope to see you smiling your way to the podium!!!

G. Parekh said...

Was hoping to see you here in az. I didn't know about the suspension. I guess rules are rules, but this one seems unreasonable.

Best in OZ.

Dawn said...

I'm glad you are able to live life, despite of the crazy suspension, and keep smiling and believing! Way to inspire!! :) Can't wait to see you on podium very soon again too! Happy training, Bree!!!

Tina Z said...

Just a lurker here... I remember those 1000 fly sets from age group swimming. I swim masters now (35 yrs old) and have to switch to drill-fly for more than a few hundred, ouch. I love to read about your swimming adventures!

Lucy Francis said...

IM OZ! That's amazing, it's one of those dream races on my list to do.
I think you're going to love the race, people and the place too.
So glad that the USAT thing got sorted. I hope the fine wasn't too heavy