Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Hot Cocoa...

Today I officially feel like a marshmallow.  A little soft around the edges and white.  My tan has vanished beneath layers of clothing and a lack of sunshine, the softer side (as in lack of physically activity) truly is causing a marshmallow sort of effect.  My greatest fitness triumph was yesterdays round of HORSE where I managed not to lose tossing a ball through a hoop.  Apparently I'm really good at standing in place.  I did however lose to a 5 and 6yr old a round of "Red light, Green light".  I'm good at red lights and getting better at yellow.  No green yet...

Today is 24 days without run or bike.  And 9 days through the 11 days of "no swim,bike, or run".  Honestly, I haven't even been tempted to test out the foot yet, I just do what I'm told in this recovery thing, trusting completely the help I've been given.  Monday's xray #3 will determine the next step and I am so very hopeful it will include kicking in the swim, bike, and aqua jogging.  The run will come.  It is the most odd feeling ever felt to not run on the first day of the New Year.  Even non athletes make that a resolution, to run!  Somebody take a run for me. 

Hot cocoa still lands magically delicious in this part of the world.  By Friday I have promised myself that when our plane leaves the snow and heads back to the islands that my cravings for hot cocoa will vanish and the marshmallow I've become will also go away.  I've never been one to cry over the scale tipping in the wrong direction or a few too many pounds, not saying I like it, but hard work and discipline have both always been friends of mine and I know things will fall back into place (or fit bikini's properly) as soon as I'm back to normal.

Utah is once again showing herself beautiful.  It's a blistering 7* out today with a red alert.  I've been informed red alert is when it can be dangerous to exercise due to conditions.  Well, that's fine with me, it is 3:30pm and I have yet to even go outside yet.  Peeking through the window is as close as I've come to actually being out there.  I've decided to really soak up and appreciate these moments inside, surrounded by family, laughter, good meals, and books under the covers.  Speaking of books, I'm just about through with "True Spirit" and highly recommend it!  It was my Australia motivated read of the year.  A young Aussie girl attempts to sail solo around the world non stop.  Her story is so fun to read as I grew up on boats and know the waves, the night skies, the adventure of it all.  But hers is far more amazing as she is only 15, alone, and goes all the way around the world!  She shares her ups and downs, depression filled moments, some adversity, and of course what it takes to dream up a dream and make it reality.  Its a very good read if you want something different and motivating.  It sure as heck encouraged me out of my own sour moods as I face my own dreams. 

Alright, I better sneak back to the social life happening up stairs with a room of cousins and more hot cocoa.  Happy Holidays again and again,


Mary Vega said...

Happy holidays Bree! January 27, 2012. That was the day my doctor told me to stop running. I sent you an email while sitting at my desk crying and asked you to run a mile for me. Well, here we are almost one year later and I still have not been able to go for a run. I was devastated, but slowly as time went by I found other things to do to fill the time. I miss it though. I miss every step. So, when your foot heals and you are able to run again, run a mile for me. Hugs, Mary

Lucy Francis said...

I know exactly how you feel but this is only temporary and when you resume all the training the marshmallow feeling will go away in no time.
when the Xray comes around you will be happy that you haven;t tested your foot and when you see the improvement there in front of you it will give you the encouragement to continue with the recovery process.
More worrying is the tan fading away Bree :-) and the -13 o.C temperature. Wow! I've only experienced -8o.C and that was horrible.

David Mull said...

Hello, I just stumbled onto your blog by accident but I heard your a friend with a friend of mine here in Louisville. I work with Mark Dodge and he mentioned you may be working with some of us in prep for Tri Season this year. Anyway, I've enjoyed your blog so far and I'm starting one myself.

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