Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I choose Happiness...

First, let me begin with last weeks wonderful news...I trained 10 hours!  More on that soon.

Sometimes without knowing it, a morning can set up an entire outlook on the day.  Like this morning.  After swim a friend told me, "Bree, I was sharing something with my son-n'-law and I'm going to ask the same to you."  He asked me what door would I enter for my life if my 3 choices were, "Heath, Wealth, or Happiness".   Seriously, it took less than a second to choose "Happiness".  I've had zero dollars in the bank, a few health matters, but at the end of the day if you are happy you can get through pretty much anything.  He hugged me goodbye the way a daddy would and set me on my way, "Bree, you are beautiful and your life is too."...

Off to the X-ray and doctor!  I was dressed (of course) in my sports bra, run shorts, and run shoes, BECAUSE today is the day I would run again (positive thinking).  Details I'd rather not go through again, instead tears rolled down my face.  "Not yet Bree".  I love my doctor, he picked me up, dusted me off, and reminded me to keep my faith, then sent me away till February 3rd.  Me and my bike hung out for a couple hours and I realized, I AM HAPPY.  "Baby, baby, it's a wild world, hard to get by on just a smile".  That song cheered me on for 36 miles and you know what, this year already begun way better than 2012 did, it's all going to be okay...

Back to the training last week, remember, I am going from broken foot to an Ironman in 2 months!  

Bike:  3.5 hour
Swim: 4.5 hours
Aqua jog: 1 hour (I get to pick it up this week!!)
Strength in the gym: 1 hour.

Don't get discouraged, I'm not.  This is way more than sitting on the couch was!  Laugh all you want, I do, it makes the entire situation better.  Oh, I did find non-training activities too.  Batting cages!  Seriously, the best crusher of any mood you want to blast away!  After feeling fiesty, Masuda put me in the 75mph baseball cage.. I hit one!  I touched a couple, but one I really hit!  Those suckers are fast and it made me realize that maybe patience is okay after all...that's not entirely true though, I like things faster in my life and those softball cages kind of bothered me...
AND... we got to paddle.  Masuda surfed, standing up was not happening for me, but paddling "near" waves meant the world! Goats surf too, we discovered!
I am a happy girl, all the great people keeping the smile on my face and laughter rolling as I attempt Ironman training with a broken foot, this will be a journey to remember!  

Night from the garden!


JC said...

that song is in my head! You will be back STRONGER than EVER! Happiness is the BEST choice.
Awesome 10 hr week - woohoo:)

Lucy Francis said...

and what a great choice :-)
the right attitude can see you through some tricky times in life.
I'm so pleased for your 10 hour training around the injury.