Monday, January 28, 2013

I Tried...

This has been an unbelievable past couple days of self discovery.  A little chat over tacos tonight some friends helped me come to realize that...  "With patience we can easily celebrate even the tiniest milestones, but without patience we lose hope and land discouraged".  What was that all about?  Some "tries" I "tried" over the past couple days.  I celebrated little milestones as if  they were Olympic wins!  I cherished them.  Discouraged?  Not even close.  Less than 6 weeks till the Hapalua Half  Marathon against the Kenyans and less than 8 weeks till Ironman Melbourne.  Run miles in the last 7 weeks = zero.  My eyes are firmly fixed on the goal of getting to the start line of those races, race them as best as I can with what I have in the bank, and of course "more than finish", you know, enjoy the race too!

At swim this morning a gorgeous sunrise swept over Hualalai and instantly the day was flooded with courage.

I tried:  To swim as fast as I could
I tried:  To get out of the seat and stand on my ride today.
I tried:  To walk normal.

My "try" in the swim was to break a 1:10.  The first time I was able to kick swimming (2 weeks ago) landed me 1:23's on my 100's (100's are what I'm using as my benchmarks as I get back into my groove).  Last week I landed a couple 1:14's.  Today a 1:09!  I was ecstatic to finally break a 1:10!  Pretty sure I did a few fist pumps.  Then I tried again only to be humbled and not break a 1:10.  I'm 5-9 seconds away from my "fast 100" splits at practice right now. It's getting better every swim as I'm getting a little bit of a kick back, till then one legged push offs the wall are keeping me entertained!

On the bike I tried to stand up.  Putting full weight on the left leg on the bike was not even possible last week.  Today I attempted it while riding through each intersection and stop sign (when it was my go of course).  The plan was brilliant, if I fall over someone would see and pick me up.  If I attempt to try anywhere other than a busy place people might think I'm just falling over to take a nap.  Anyways, it was so cool, I can finally bike with both legs.

And... I tried to walk normal.  Chiro/ART specialist Oden took me on my first "real walk" and taught me how to use and bend my toes, even put weight on the foot again!  It was awesome even if it only lasted for 25 yards at a time. 

To sum it up...try, then have patience with the progress. 

Of course no good attempt of return to normal life on an island would be complete without "getting back on the board".  7 weeks later I also took my first surf!  Saturday 16 waves and they were all keepers!  Sunday I kooked out trying Mikes board.  Today back on my board in waves bigger than me and it felt as if this wipe out I took has no longer got the best of me...
Love, love, love...


Tina Marie Parker said...

Love these pictures and the location! We spent a whole day there in lat April.

Thank you for your continued motivational pep talks. The talks motivate you and me :)

You are an Ironman (Women ;))

JC said...

What a great week. So Awesome that things are coming together - patience, patience, patience - your body and soul will thank you. I still think that all of this is going to pay out BIG time for you in IM and life - HUGE!


Dittos on the dividends this break (no pun intended) will make

Ordinarylife said...

I am really happy for you and all your achievements! As usual a true inspiration.