Thursday, January 24, 2013


About 43x a day I say to myself, "I'm still a runner, I'm still a runner".  I just haven't ran in a long time.  And about 99x a day it is told, "You will be so much stronger when you come back".  Well...I've officially decided to agree with that today.  If sport is like 90% mental then rock star-ness is about to happen in my life because not running when you really like to run and see everyone including your sister running everyday, takes heaps of courage to be positive, optimistic, and down right believing without a doubt that it's all okay.  My focus is fixed on the horizon in this moment.  I'd like a big hug to be honest, fighting tears gets hard on your own day after day, oh to hear the words whispered in my ear, "just you wait Bree..." would be good timing, today.

So I aqua jog.  And I google.  This is what I googled up, 3 quick things to make me feel better about my new "heavy weight belt"...

1. Super great cardio, and done right improves aerobic threshold
2.  Resistance training without impact
3.  Challenges you to keep a well-balanced running form (mentally challenging)

The garden has once again landed as my little piece of heaven on Earth, I'm pretty sure this is therapy like nothing else.  The baby spinach popped up and I literally felt like a million bucks, things DO GROW was my reminder.  Not to mention, a growing garden leads to more adventures in the kitchen.  A favorite:

Kale, frozen banana, cup of frozen berries, almond milk, some Hawaiian green powder from the sea, and chocolate protein powder = new favorite!

It's Thursday, it is also a much "bigger" training week than last week...if you call 5 hours more a lot!  I've got to stick with this "moderation" on the foot thing till the x-ray on Feb 3rd, so my usual "run and jump" into everything I love has me tip-toeing...

That's it from me tonight, tomorrow I've got 3hrs on the bike!  That will be the longest ride in over 6wks!   I'm seriously so excited!!  Of course the doctor said if I feel anything to hitchhike home. I already know I won't feel a thing (wink, wink).

Good night!!

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Lucy Francis said...

Let me give you a great big HUG Bree! I know that feeling of seeing everyone running when we can't. That's why I can't understand why some people moan about having to exercise, it goes beyond lazy. They don't know what they're missing.
On the other hand the 2 of us? We're additing to the drugs :-) those endorphins!! and for me the meditation I do when I run.
You've just made water running sound cool I'm even thinking of digging mine out form the cupboard. a great orange belt!
Bree if you feel any stinging in your toe during your ride please please stop.And promise me you eat a double dose of your spinach and kale as they are rick in calcium
:-) take care