Monday, February 4, 2013

I ran...

The morning began with a meteor shower, swim practice felt good, the day was going in the direction of hopeful.  The 9am Xray looked the best it has looked in 8 weeks and 2 days.  AND then, the doctor said, "You can run, 5 minutes today, see how it goes."  AWESOME, that's like a mile!  And so, I ran almost a mile...half a lap short to be exact.

The first run in 8 weeks and 2 days happened brilliantly.  At first I was really scared, the flash backs of falling at mile 15 of Ironman Australia were at the forefront of my mind and that pain just lingered in my memory making my foot hurt just standing there, someone told me its called ghost pains.  They are weird and unwanted at the same time.  Without hesitation though, I just ran.  It all came right back to me. The feeling, none of it was lost.  Each and every thing that I know and love about running was happening for me.  It felt the exact same as I remember.  It was the same.  Because it was only 5 minutes I never had a chance to feel tired or out of run shape.  Maybe that feeling might not even happen.  And tomorrow i'll run again...and again.

Now my feet are up until Kainoa's swim practice where I have every intention of  aqua jogging like a woman on a mission to keep her run. 
The new ZOOT shoes have already stolen my attention from any other shoe my feet ever loved.  My match has been found!  Thank you ZOOT for giving me shoes even before I was up and running!!  Also, big thank you to Dr. Traub for helping me handle this mentally as much as physically, to the cute little xray lady that would just smile at my xrays because she never wanted to tell me bad news (which she always had), to Oden for helping align my body when my horrible walking form took over and then teaching me how to walk (and run) all over again.  To my family and friends for all the tuff love. To Kainoa for jumping on my foot the week before an Ironman, you know, this lesson did so much for me in countless ways even if I didn't enjoy it.  And to Mike for helping save me from the nightmare I could have been during these 2 months! 

That's it for now.  I've got a fancy blue water belt waiting for me..


Chris Branson said...

Good luck with coming back from the foot injury! I broke my collar bone a year ago and was (still am) super nervous about it, but life is all about enjoying it and doing what you love. I don't want to end up like one of those 9-5 working stiffs who hates my life.


injuries seem to last forever! Here's to your recovery!


Take it easy these next few runs just to be sure..
In your honor I broke my little toe 5 days before the Houston Marathon and ran it anyway.. I have been paying the price ever since, but wouldn't change a thing..

Anna Frey said...

You are giving me hope :) Congratulations on your first run!!!

PipTook said...

Congrats on easing back into running!

And I gotta ask - where did you get those polka-dot legwarmers? Those are super cute!

Lucy Francis said...

Great news Bree. The journey of a thousand miles starts with one single step.....or mile.:-)

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