Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Refusing to Sink...

Not even a fun moment, never a dull moment in the life of a girl at the X-Ray place.  I'm no doctor, but I have really good eyes & one tiny part of the bone in my foot is still not fully connected to the other part.  Tears tried to fall, I wanted a hug, and then I remembered how I refuse to sink... Moments in life have had me at the bottom of the ocean floor wanting to breathe at the surface, so I know out of breath.  This is not out of breath, just slow motion healing over here.

And then my truck wouldn't start.  Seriously, of all places to be stuck, the place I wanted to run away from.  My doctor told me on March 1st (10 days away) I can run 10 miles.  I feel like a 10 miler needs to be part of my life before Hapalua.  Maybe for my brain, probably for my heart, mostly just because it is a part of my life, to run.  Now I was stuck.  Sitting in the grass with my face in the palm of my hands I remember how we have to believe even when we don't see.  It took 3 different guys to help me this morning and one of them said, "Girl, have some faith, try it, turn the key and with your faith I bet you it starts this time". And so, I believed really hard even though I could not see the light and you know what, it was vrooooooming and I was on the go again.  Just a little more faith...

The rest of my day I clung to whatever bits and pieces of hope there is for a proper healing to happen and me to find my way to a start line.  I love start lines, the thrill always excites me because I know it means something wonderful is waiting, like the journey to a finish line.

 Since there is still a little "sideline" to my life at the moment, I made sure to dive into what I can do.  Like the bungee things.  Kainoa trained with me, counted, coached, and kept me company.
We did core, stretches, and of course the foam roller. He however, has a very unique way to roll out his body, personally I would not try it at home.  Speaking of refusal to sink, I have a great story.  The girls of Big Island (all 5 of them) went to the state meet on Oahu this weekend and swam their little hearts out against much, much larger swim teams.   Teams with double and triple, and more girls.  They were under water to others, not to themselves.  They came home to Kona with the 2nd place trophy!  They swam with all their hearts as the under dogs, setting records left and right, breaking records from the 70's, winning relays, and proving that it really does come down to what you believe.
Well done Kealakehe girls, perfect timing to remind me that you only sink if you give up...


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Lucy Francis said...

Bree, my lovely I'd like you to read this post written by Brett Sutton about injury and down time:
You'll have to copy and paste this link onto your internet browser, the blog post is entitled - looking for clues : hurry slowly
where he talks about injury and down time and muscle memory.

Please save your legs and toes for IM Melbourne, don't worry about getting the miles in before it. Bones are complex structures and need the time to heal and become hard and they progress to the next stage in 2-3 weeks chunks.
You will not sink and yes you will come out of this fully recovered. Please keep the faith