Thursday, March 7, 2013


Race numbers for Hapalua came out today, I'm #16. Seriously, my little heart can hardly stop pounding with excitement to get going again.  To run again.  To hurt (that good kind, not broken bone kind), once again.  Today was also my first speed workout!  Brilliant, just a couple days prior to the start line I figured it would be really good to make my legs try and feel fast.  They felt like 200 pound bricks.  It was pretty ugly. "Sweat it out Bree, sweat it out".  I shook it off, that's what first races of the season are for, right?  To just hurt really bad.  At least my shoes will look cool...

I'll make this post quick, just a recipe from Kainoa for his granola.  He cooks like me though, just add, mix, never measure. Good luck if you try it out, if by chance you get it right it is YUMMY.  The secret must be to bake in your underwear...

In a food processor, combine:

4 big handfuls of oats
A few shakes of cinnamon
2 big spoonfuls of raw coconut oil
2 spoonfuls of almond butter (any nut butter)
Couple drizzles of maple syrup to taste
Empty onto a baking sheet, it should be clumpy

Now combine:
4 big handfuls of oats
2 handfuls of chewy ginger chunks (the candied kind from the health food store works)
Spoonful of coconut oil
2 giant handfuls of raw coconut shreds
Drip of maple syrup
2 handfuls of shredded almonds (any nuts)
Mix then add on top of cookie sheet

Bake at *400 for 10 minutes, keep any eye on it, burnt tastes gross
After you bake it add a couple handfuls of dehydrated fruit, we made cherries.  You can buy any fruit you like, or go for carob (or chocolate chips).  I like goji berries in mine.  His secret sauce is a few drizzles of honey, then mix it all up.  Baking the honey is not a good plan at that temperature, Kainoa told me that...


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Lucy Francis said...

Hadn't commented on this yet but they sound tasty, however these days I'm all Paelo so cereals are a no-no but almonds are in. yum!