Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Drum roll please...

I have very cool news, nobody must have told Breakthrough Nutrition how much fuel it takes a mom to make it through her training & racing life, because they signed me to the team!  I know, right!?  Mike will get his lucky break as currently he helps feed me...

What's Breakthrough Nutrition? 
A little company that began out in Hawaii (What's not to love?) but eventually moved off the islands (not to love), that offers very good deals on all sorts of sporty nutrition products for training, racing, and recovery. That's not all, the owners are so knowledgeable when it comes to fueling that they are able to help map out a nutrition plan for anyone, not just mom triathletes in Hawaii! Read more about them at Breakthrough Nutrition.

What's my favorite part about this team?
VARIETY!  I will be very, very honest.  When it comes to training & racing the challenge of a single brand has often landed me in a tiny mess.  One brand makes my favorite gels, another makes the only bars I like to eat, another company makes the gelly things with sodium I love, and then there is the sports drink, finally the protein powder that isn't from any of the above companies.  I know.  But it totally resembles a snapshot (see above) of my spontaneous desire to soak up all things life.  Breakthrough Nutrition gives me the opportunity to literally use everything I actually use, in real life, training, and racing.  And, because they know more than me about vitamins they are helping me with that missing link!

For example, here are my must haves, the ones I have been using since 2007 when I lined up for my very first Ironman.  The very same things I use to this day are all available with Breakthrough!  AND if you visit the shop and see something you want, use this code BREEWEE, for 20% off! 

My must haves:
1.  Vega Sport Performance
2.  Vega Recovery Powder
3.  Vega Nutritional Shake (chai please :)
4.  Clif Bar Margarita Bloks (any flavor, but I like salty)
5.  Gu Pomegranate Brew
6.  Honey Stinger Waffles
7.  Base Performance Salts
8.  Emergen-C Blue (must haves for flights)
9.  Powerbar Gels (any with 200 sodium)

Happy Running,


Linda said...

Your blog is so inspiring, cool :) And Vega-stuff should be really good ones, so I've heard

Justine said...

Bree, enjoy reading your blog. Was out running in kona today and heard someone coming up from behind, then you crossed the street and went blowing by...I thought, hey that must be Bree Wee. Smiling & charging along! Congrats on the sponsorship!

Lucy Francis said...

And the good news just keep on coming :-) so good that you don't have to stick to just one brand

Tina Marie Parker said...

Are those Zoot shoes?