Thursday, April 18, 2013

Spelling Test...

Tomorrow is a spelling test for Kainoa, so the blog will have to be super short so I can help him study 8 very important words.  For the heck of it, I'm actually going to use his 8 words to describe this day and yesterday...

1.  I SMELL really bad after that run.
2.  CALL me crazy, but I love running in the hot sun.

3.  My new bike is black and SMALL.
4.  ALL day long I dream of riding bikes (not really), but I do think about it.

5. We WILL be drinking wheat grass we grew ourselves!
6.  This mini garden grew WELL.

7.  Phew, Kainoa did not hit the WALL on backstroke.
8.  You can TELL he swims better than me already.

Time to study!

1 comment:

Lucy Francis said...

All words with double LL :-)