Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Next week is Hawaii 70.3.  Excitement has filled my entire heart, for many reason.  Beyond the thrill of a start line, the push & will to go hard for 70.3 miles, there is of course opportunity.  Some hope of a pay day and precious KPR points for Ironman Hawaii.  Not many points, at all, but every little bit helps.  My fingers are crossed that the next 3 races will seal the deal into Kona. Coach and I made a back up plan, but honestly I am not chasing that, I never go for plan B in life.  While sometimes back ups are good and turn out pretty cool, it's hard to rest easy on a plan B...

 A few wonderful things have happened leading up to this race.  I'm racer #19 next weekend so I figure a good way to keep my brain reminded on some of the good heading into next weekend, I should write down (in some random order) 19 of them...

1.  My favorite tree went into Summer bloom, hotter training weather...
2.  The winds did not knock me off my bike when the "hurricane" trades blew
3.  I can keep up with Chandler (almost, okay if he is tired) at swim practice
4.  2.4 miles solo (a few times) and no sharks, plenty of dolphins
5.  Zucchini bread does not make you poop during track practice

6.  ZOOT sent me really bright clothes and new shoes: MOTIVATION
7.  I ran 20 miles without an IPOD and survived mentally
8.  No injuries & Rob is getting better everyday after being hit by a car

 9.  Breakthrough Nutrition has helped me avoid bonking on any long rides 
10. My body has minimized damage thanks to Odin Willmont: Chiro/ART
11.  Coach Steve & the High School swimmers don't kick me out of the pool

12.  Kainoa reminds me to wear sunscreen & chill out
13  Mike continues to keep Pancake Sunday in full force after big days

14.  My new Swift Carbon is such a dream bike (you'll see it race day)
15.  I rode to Hilo!  Still stoked on that big adventure, must repeat...

16.  Splish makes me want to swim, 80's suits are my favorite at the moment

17.  Kainoa asks to go to church (maybe for the food), he keeps me believing
18.  I got to paddle yesterday, it was a needed rest from SWIMBIKERUN
19.  I'm happy.  Sometimes I race better happy...


Cheers :)


Lucy Francis said...

and 19 will be your lucky number
I will be away this weekend but wish you a great race Bree
Muitos beijos amiga

Adrian said...

Love it! Never go for PLAN B.....Right on! ALl the best!