Monday, May 13, 2013

A little motivation please...

Discovery of the weekend: Motivation counts, big time.

At Saturdays swim meet us crazy swim moms, (and you thought soccer moms were bad), had our motivation through the roof.  We weren't even swimming, but we were motivated to be there.  Let me back up.  Maybe sleeping in, the beach, shopping, or a nice romantic hike would have been more thrilling, but for our kiddos we knew we had to be excited about swimming, motivated, because if we are they are.  Without even realizing it a child learns more through example than anything else.  It's not that children can't think for themselves, but they choose things and due to their youth and lack of focus they often are over it after a minute or week or month.  It's then (er, now) we have to help instill in them the drive to keep going, develop a routine, and set some foundation for perseverance.  All possible by keeping motivation strong.  Sure, they will find their own motivation sooner or later...and then sadly like adults, maybe lose it.

Motivation counts.  My goal of the week is to set fire to Kainoa's little and big goals this week.  To plaster my own goals with more motivation, and to do the same for Mike and my close friends/family that have trusted me with their desires or knowing what they have happening in their lives that could take some motivation to get up and go again, and again, and again...

What happens with motivation:  Results.

Today Coach Wenders handed out the ribbons.  All the kiddos want them, they love ribbon Monday, and it's now that they are learning the priceless treasure of "hard work brings reward".  So while swimming is far from the only way to discover this lesson, (it can be any sport, goal, idea, dream, getting through school, baking, ect.), these kiddos have landed some motivation from those they look up to, are finding ways to motivate themselves, and now we cross our fingers these days will impact their future too.

Of course the youth motivate me big time!  This little 7 year old clearly has figured out her own motivation.  Let me tell you a quick story...Saturday at the meet she asked coach what the state qualifying time was in one of her events, got the time, then went to her start block and swam as fast as she could for that time.  She missed it, but she landed a best time, another blue ribbon (she only got blue ones), and was happy as could be.  She wouldn't let me have even one of her pretty ribbons, but I got enough from her with the way she took a goal and made it her mission.  Motivation, it really moves you.  Just don't mistake motivation for pressure. 

Okay that's a wrap over here.  I'll leave you with my Mother's Day card Kainoa made at school, it pretty much means the world to me.



Lucy Francis said...

What a bunch of happy mums:-) how can the kids not be motivated?
Brilliant results for all of them :-)

JC said...

OMG - what a beautiful note from you lil man. Happy Mother's Day to an AMAZING mom that ALWAYS inspires:)