Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Chasing Boys...

My first memory of chasing a boy was 3rd grade, it landed me in the principals office with a paddle to my bumper!  Is it bad to chase the boys?  If it's not on the playground, "yes, bad Bree, detention".  But isn't life one giant playground?  That was the worst day of 3rd grade-ever. And then you grow up and they tell girls not to chase boys-ever.  Let the boys come to you.  I gave up on that one at Target when Mike walked in as Kainoa and I were walking out, how could I not chase the possible man of my dreams?  Sometimes a girl just has to chase a boy...

So today, I chased Chandler in the pool then these guys for nearly 12 miles.  It was ridiculous.  Here, I'll share the roughest part:  3x10 minutes.  You run it at just a little faster than your 10k pace.  Round 1 was fun, woooohooo running after the boys like a kid on the playground!  Round 2 was not fun.  By this time my eyes wanted to roll back in my head, except I was still running strong, it was all mental.  And round 3, plug your ears, it went something like the words from a truck drivers mouth!  I felt like a corn dog on a stick. But you know what I learned?  I was the EXACT same speed as round 1 and 2, it just felt worse, so much worse.  So clearly the body can do it, it was the head not in the mood to be equally as strong.  SO I fought, I chased, I did not like it, then I loved it (because I was done), and the lesson was learned that I have to quit being such a girl sometimes.  Perhaps the only way for me to get any faster on 2 feet is to chase boys...

Then I rode bike really easy, all by myself.  The rest of the week looks to be kind of gnarly on the training front and sitting in 47th place for the Kona standings is my motivation to embrace it.  47 is not in but it's not entirely out as the season still has almost 5 months to go.  I've got 3 races and am learning the art of patience as it seems every weekend the point positions change depending on who races and where.  Anyways, I'll leave you with a simple swim workout, I know motivation gets challenging about this time of year so I better share this mornings, it was pretty smooth for the days you really just don't want to get in the pool but know you should...

200 get loose
2x400 build each
3x200 build those too, a send off with 30 seconds rest
4x100 make them strong and pick a send off with little rest
400 IM kick
20x 50 every other as fast as you can possibly swim 
200 cool down



Lucy Francis said...

Are all the boys in your island that "fit"? Phew! I better not bring my hubby :-)
Your run reminds me of my tuesday evening run with my club, we push each other on a trail that is up and down most of the way
in a local park that makes you feel you're not in the city. the last hill leaves us with a view of the whole of london at sunset so we always stop there briefly and then it is off to the finish at full pelt.
I always run faster than if i was on my own.

TriProfessor said...

Hey Bree! Mahalo for the swim workout idea! I've been running out of workouts for my team and recycling old ones. I'm sure they're gonna love this one!!