Sunday, May 26, 2013

Now What?

Very little to report on, 6 days out from the race and I'm a party pooper.  It feels like it anyway.  After practice Friday the plan to go cliff jumping was in the works and this girl somehow worked my way out of it.  After counting the cost of "fun vs possible prevention of a good race", I landed home.  There's also a 3 day Memorial Day camp trip happening at the beach right now,  skipped that too.  Went down there this afternoon for a quick hello and fried chicken, then adios.  Between you and me, I wish I was still there.  Beach+camp+sunsets+ocean=favorites.  Oh, I left out the a good, sweaty, part, the theme is "Party Rock" and there is music and dancing under stars.  Dressing up like a goof ball and dancing, seriously favorites!  But I'm home. I'm not really bored, I just like to be at the beach or in the ocean, a lot.  It's pretty simple stuff...

Last weekend I drank too little water and got a tiny bit of a dehydration head pain so I am trying to be smarter this weekend, you know, save it all up for Saturday.

Today was the final "make this count" run.  The rest look pretty manageable in my sleep, this one not so much. I'm not sure how I got so lucky, but out of the blue Mike said he wanted to ride along side me and help me with the pacing coach gave me to follow. It was so awesome having a rabbit, a pacer, a really encouraging bunch of words to push me along, and support while I suffer along.  If next Saturday runs as well as today ran, I'm going to be a pretty happy girl...

Not every single moment of the past few days have been complete party pooping, a couple graduations happened and I managed to celebrate with special high school students I've watched grow up and swim with. One of the girls happened to be in the very first class I ever taught!  It was unreal to see her walk down the aisle and take a step closer to bigger things in this world.  I of course cried like a baby and remembered back to her as a 7 year old.  And to think, Kainoa will be graduating before I know it!  Shoots, I got emotional seeing him say goodbye to his first grade teacher as school is out for Summer now.  But that's life, we grow up and do bigger and better things all the time...

Another sunset on a good weekend, pretty sure that means bedtime for me!
Happy Memorial Day,

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Lucy Francis said...

You're not a party pooper at all, that's what you have to do to be able to race well next weekend and your friends will understand that.
Come race day you'll have an amazing day and everyone else will be wishing they were "that" girl (you!) flying down the course :-)
It must be very rewarding to see your former students grow up and graduate and to know that you helped them get there in some way.
Teachers are the best :-)