Thursday, May 16, 2013


A good reminder was given to me, it comes from the movie, "The Help". Sure enough it is so fitting, as I feel like singlemom life is trying to knock me out this week.  I almost cried on Tuesday, but then as always, you see your child as the most perfect reminder of all the strength you ever need, he gave me that push to keep strong.   I'll spare the details as everyone can relate to their own lives getting filled to the top, I just knew I needed to find a deep breath...

So we made pancakes.

I actually wrote out this entire post and erased it all, except the pictures.  Because at the end of the day I realized, pancakes with my favorite 6 year can save the world!



Marco Losch Soulrunner said...

Hi Bree,
again beautiful pictures.
I love this blog.
The picture with the lunch bag is wonderful.

Have a nice weekend
Marco "The Soulrunner"
from cold Germany *brrrr

Ordinarylife said...

Family and pancakes - nothing better!

Jamie said...

Your quads look swollen in that pushup picture. I hope pancakes help take care of that. ;-)

Gotta appreciate how big of an impact the littlest things can have on our outlook. Especially when covered in some fruit and syrup.

bre said...

I love that quote from The Help. I just wrote it out and stuck it on the front of my training log.

Lucy Francis said...

Stay strong Bree, life is full of ups and downs a bit like a hilly ride. Only pancakes? Don't you know that a cup of english tea (with milk) solves everything? At least that's what we all brits do. There's always a cuppa at the ready :-) lots of love

Danny McFee said...

Really tough the way the run unfolded but you stuck it out like a champ. You are truly awesome Bree!