Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Easy, Breezy...

I am officially embracing the wetsuit, full on loving it, living in it, and enjoying it.  Really.  When you swim nearly naked in the warm waters of Hawaii, having to put on that big floaty suit truly feels like you are un-human in the water.  Maybe seals and whales like it, not me...until this week.

The wetsuit has now done an Ironman distance swim in salty Pacific water, it has even been cut to fit my ankles and wrists the way I like it.  In fact, I no longer finish a swim with those high school looking hickeys that usually take over my neck after a make out (er, swim) session with the deep blue.

Just to make sure it truly has become a "friend" to love on race day Sunday, I gave it the final test...sit in the ice box.  You know what, it was warm.  Zoot has made a wetsuit a girl on an island highly approves of!

Tomorrow it's off to Idaho.  Excitement is filling all I do around here lately.  Of course, even with an eagerness to do something I love, I am fully aware of the discomfort that can happen during an Ironman.  Much like life, sometimes we land in places we want to give up, wonder if we have enough strength keep going, fear the unknown, hurt, question how much longer we can hang on, wonder when the pain will pass, and have to dig deep to keep giving after we feel we have given our everything.  It's in those moments it always helps me to believe in some relief, in the case of a race-the finish line.  And after every finish line it always helps even more to have something to look forward too...

So here is my very brief list for soon after the race:

1.  Grab hold of Kainoas medal
2.  Call home
3.  Ask my homestay to take me to that cliff they jumped off, all I know is it lands in the cold lake and you take a boat.  That sounds brilliant to me!

And later after the race, when normal life resumes:

1.  Take a hike to a waterfall
2.  Fix up the gardens
3.  Take my sisters Booty yoga class that I keep saying I'll go but haven't.
4.  Night dive 
5.  Make a donation pile of those clothes I never wear
6.  Think up a way to be on Molokai when Leahi swims the channel

See ya in Idaho,


ltlindian said...

how in the world do you get such awesome underwater pictures?? Go get em Bree! There are so many of us that you don't even know about cheering for you!

Lucy Francis said...

By now you're in CDA, I hope it's warming up and that the sun shines on race day, it makes all the difference.


49F this morning in rainy CDA
Weather is supposed to improve by Sunday to mid 70s as high, mid 50s as the low... Water temps in the low 60s...
See ya here

frankiefish said...

I think this is going to be your breakthrough win. Probably going to come down to the run between you and Heather Wurtele. Hang tough!

Kathy said...

so excited for you Bree. Go get em girl!