Wednesday, June 26, 2013

My Mahalos...

As promised, today I'll list my many, many mahalos!  Today while dolphins swam all around us, the sun shined down on us, and every flower seemed to be showing off it's colors, I was reminded home is my favorite place on Earth, and I love it.  But...nothing is as wonderful as the people we have in our lives.  And so, here are my many, many mahalos...

  • My family& friends, for unconditional support.  I know sometimes I freak my mom out
  • Kainoa, 'nuff said.
  • Coach Steve & Kona Aquatice, the reason I love swimming
  • Kawika & Wendy, you keep me real
  • Tammy & Family for the love and flight
  • Brooke, for teaching me to breathe
  • Chandler & Leahi, for pushing and pulling me to pain
  • Sal, for running with me
  • Life guard Melissa, for playing with Kainoa so I can swim 
  • All my bloggy friends, your support makes it easy to keep this blog going
  • Odin Willmont Chiro, cracking me, fixing me, keeping me going
  • Junko Sheilds, the incredible massages
  • Gary Wong, for paying for those great massages
  • Staci, for the best care packages a girl could have
  • Sue Hutter for hooking me up in Idaho
  • Robyn & family, YOU made Idaho the reason I LOVE Idaho
  • Nick & Bike Works, loving my bike...haha.
  • Coach Jimmy, for keeping me on a plan and believing in me
  • Splish, first sponsor ever & you still hang tuff with me
  • Zoot, making sure my feet are happy, gearing me for training/racing
  •  Swift Carbon, thank you for my beautiful bike
  •  Rolf Prima, for really nice wheels
  • Breakthrough Nutrition, keeping me fed
  • Mike...for loving me
That's not it, I could totally thank the good people at Island Naturals, the post office, Janet at Sack n' Save, for real, the entire town of Kona makes this life that much better.  So forgive me if you feel left off the list, it's just a list and I appreciate more that what's written...

My first day back home was beautiful.  I'll be honest, a lot of it was spent day dreaming up the next race.  At the moment it is Philippines 70.3, thankfully already paid for so it will serve as a chance for a payday.  However it will still leave me shy of the points I need to safely land in Kona.  After that I am thinking to go over to Canada in August...Keep ya posted. 

Mahalo plenty!!


JC said...

So beautiful Chica! And YES - come to CANADA!

Christine said...

Yeah Canada! And seriously, come and stay.

Adrian said...

Canada?? Tremblant or Whistler?? Do tell!!

Tonya said...

If its Mont Tremblant that would be great. It will be my first full. Would love to see you.

Lucy Francis said...

Always happy to support you :-)