Friday, June 14, 2013

Pretty Day For a Long Ride...

This morning was absolutely gorgeous, not that it's ever really ugly, but it was especially beautiful out this morning.  Swim practice was just okay.  Nothing special (I was hoping for fireworks).  One thing I've found in this sport, it's never really a disaster because you have at least 1 out of 3 chances for things to go "boom, bang, oooo, aaaaa, and wow".  That said, I got my fireworks on the bike.  

When I landed at the Kawaihae intersection all of me wanted to turn right.  A right turn on Friday means Hilo.  That ride and me have become best buds, not today, the North side of the island I went.  Left hander means Ironman Hawaii course.  With today being flag day too, the island pride was roaring beautiful.  And all of a sudden, it felt good turning left, to be on the Ironman Hawaii course.  After all, next weekend at Ironman CDA I'll need to keep these pretty Hawaiian moments at the forefront of my mind when the going gets rough...because I want to race at home in October.

Just so you know, Hawaii has the best aid stations.,,

As said, today was perfectly pretty for a 4 hour ride.  Just me, focusing on next weekend, focusing on the moment, focusing on the possibility of October and me.

The rest of the day was spent in the dirt with a 6 year old.  He was certain we landed in heaven because every seed we planted was now edible.  It took time (I even grew impatient) but here we go, seeds planted have finally paid off.  Kind of like training...eventually it pays off. 

Tomorrow is a day off.  The challenge will of course be, to sit more than stand.  To rest more than play.  And to pack...

Have a good weekend.

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Lucy Francis said...

Bree is that the hawaiian flag? Howcome there's an union jack there? That's our flag !!
I love those aid stations